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The New Rules of Business

At first glance, this book offers interesting insights into the successes and failures of a range of contemporary and, often celebrity, entreprenuers.

It should inspire and encourage would-be and existing entreprenuers alike.

However, importantly, this work also has academic value. It is very well researched and presented in manner that provides students with a useful tool to consider the application of theory from traditional sources.

Unusually. Dan Matthews? book pulls together the stories of many modern entrepeneurs under one cover and highlights their motivations and backgrounds with some useful tips. This approach provides sound arguments for the ?nature versus nurture? theory and the components of business known as the three or, as I prefer, the four Ms ? marketing, money, management and (motivation).

Though, I could not recommend it as a sole read for a start-up entreprenuer, I believe it earns a place in a modern academic reading list and would give any budding start-up entrepreneur a valuable ?heads up!?

Ian Moncrief-Scott lectures in both Introduction to Enterprise and Small Business Management at the Isle of Man International Business School and, for the last five years, has delivered Small Business Start-Up training at the Institution, on behalf of the Isle of Man Department of Economic Development.

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