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The Small Business Guide to Apps

How your business can use apps to increase market share and retain customers.

If you thought that the app market was just about games and big brands, think again. Businesses of every size in every sector have built their own apps and are reaping real commercial rewards.

Because of the relatively low cost of entering the app market, smaller enterprises can level the playing field, often outstripping their larger competitors simply because they have developed and marketed an app that delivers a service that their consumers are looking for.

This book isn?t about how apps can help small businesses run their business more efficiently, or an in-depth tutorial about how to create an app for their enterprise.

Instead, it provides a unique introduction and overview of the possibilities for any small or growing business. It?s a focused guide about the business of apps for those whose time is money.

Connecting with customers over their mobile phones and tablets allows a more intimate and ultimately more lucrative link between businesses and consumers to be established.

With this latest book in the popular Business Bites series, small business owners can help their companies take the first steps into an exciting and growing marketplace!

This book is available from Brightword Publishing with an RRP of just £5.00. There will be a review of this new title being post here on this blog soon. Subscribe to the RSS feed to be kept up to date when it is published.

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