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Robbie Burns?s The Naked Trader is back. This hugely popular trading guide ? now on its third edition ? provides a richly informative and humorous introduction to just about everything stock market-related.

With twice the strategies, cautionary tales and cartoons of previous editions, Burns really does lay everything bare. He is remarkably revealing about everything from how he does his research and picks good value stocks, to working out the best times to buy and sell them, and where he looks to find interesting new prospects.

He also shares how he gets instantly to the bottom of company reports without falling asleep, and the key metric he checks with every share to ensure it won?t go bust on him. These two excellent insights are probably worth the price of admission alone.

All this makes it an excellent stocking-filler for anyone in your life who?s curious about trading. But its detailed strategies also make it perfect for the established trader. Burns eschews almost all technical analysis, and his strategies are refreshingly commonsensical. — and backed up with dozens of examples.

It just goes to show that you don?t have to be up your ears in charting jargon to make a success of trading. The Naked Trader has made over a million in the markets from being averagely thoughtful and shrewd. There?s really no reason others can?t learn from him and repeat this.

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