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The weekend Book Review on, by Richard Gill

“‘The Bumper Book of Government Waste 2008’, which demonstrates in minute detail how Brown has squandered our money, is written by the founder of the Tax Payersâ?? Alliance, Matthew Elliott, and so called â??one man think tankâ? Lee Rotherham. This updated version of the book, the first having been published in 2006, suggests that the New Labour Government is currently wasting a massive £101 billion of our money. Thatâ??s enough to cut the tax burden of every household by over £4,000 a year!

The book is absolutely choc full of statistics and examples of Government misspending, providing an arsenal of ammunition for us decent citizens (also known as tax payers) to use against the likes of Polly Toynbe and her New Labour brethren. To the juicy bits, and for the main part of the book we are taken on a Government department by department guide of how our money is being frittered away on a daily basis.

This book will make your blood boil but it will also make you laugh out loud at the Governmentâ??s sheer incompetence. For any critic of New Labour, and I imagine that would be almost everyone in the country, ‘The Bumper Book of Government Waste 2008’ is well worth a read.”

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