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Top 10 Best LBO Books (Leveraged Buyout)

#8 – The Debt Trap:
How leverage impacts private-equity performance

by— Sebastien Canderle


Debt commitments of huge organizations start piling up when the companies are generally not able to cope with market corrections. This book is behind the screen mentality and techniques used as a shortcut that impact the return of portfolio assets and investment returns. Weather you are a student, or an investor, or a business manager you will find this book to be fascinating and authoritative.


This top LBO book has 14 business stories that can also be named as in depth case studies that show how value can be maximized in any LBO transaction. These 14 business names are big headline grabbing names and their changes for better with the LBO transactions along with the way these private companies are now financed and managed. He has a solution and a story for every industry.


The author has broken the usual methods of asset class and giving you relatable examples for the same. He has made investing in private equity simple by opening doors for future investment for the audiences and readers of this book.

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