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Top 50 Gambling Books of All Time

Red Joker Rules – 46th Position

Author: Pat Holland

Synopsis: Red Joker Rules offers an innovative and refreshing look at both gambling and investing.

Review: Pat Holland?s fourth title broke the mould when it came to looking at the similar worlds of investing and gambling. Red Joker Rules presents a balanced view of the challenges gamblers face and how such situations can apply to investments. Taking the fast-paced lifestyle of expert gamblers, who face bankroll breaking decisions on a daily basis, Holland?s book isolates and analyses such situations and presents an informative study of how investors and casino players can learn from one another. Even the narrative style challenges reader preconceptions: Rather than simply presenting the rules investors should learn, Red Joker Rules takes the form of a conversation between the ?common man? and the almost-mystical Red Joker.

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