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Trading the US Markets

?Trading the US Markets? is a comprehensive guide to the various securities exchanges in the United States. The author provides a great deal of information on the exchanges, the products they list, the trading mechanisms of each exchange, software platforms, and brokers.

The study is well researched and contains important information for anyone who wishes to trade a US contract ? information that many traders do not possess. I have seen many traders lose money through a lack of understanding of how an exchange or contract functions. A book such as this is timely.
Part One of the book describes the history and manner of operation of various exchanges. Part Two outlines how to choose a broker and open an account, and discusses information sources. In Part Three Pezzutti addresses some trading-related topics such as slippage and stop losses.

Pezzutti has done a great job of bringing together a lot of information and, in general, the book is well written. My only, albeit small, criticism is that there are many web links in the book and these have limited value in printed format.

In summary, ?Trading the US Markets? is an excellent reference source for US exchanges and contracts. I think it should be read by anyone who wishes to trade US contracts. It is aimed at traders resident outside the United States, both novice and experienced. The author has done good service for his readers.

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