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Will we be alive and healthy at 110 years old?

Isle of Man based businessman Jim Mellon was at the launch of his latest book, ’Juvenescence’, at the Oxford and Cambridge Club in London.

Jim, who the Sunday Times Rich List estimates as being worth £920m, is one of the largest employers in the island, as the owner of the Claremont Hotel and executive chairman of Manx Financial Group PLC which includes Conister Bank and Edgewater Associates.

Earlier this year, he went on a 7,000-mile trip across America to talk to some of the world’s top scientists for the book which is about longevity.

His research convinced him that we are about to see a big increase in our lifespans and that the scientific discoveries that will help us do this will ultimately bring a big return for investors.

’The people that I’ve been talking to are saying we’re not programmed to die.

’If you alter some of the pathways that contribute to DNA damage, you can extend life.

’There are products under development that will make it possible to live to the 110 years that we predict in this book,’ Jim said.

One of the scientists Jim interviewed was Cambridge-based Aubrey de Grey, who was also at the launch. De Grey is a world-renowned biomedical gerontologist who believes aging is merely a disease – and a curable one at that. He said: ’Jim is a quick learner. He wants not just to understand but to make a difference. He has been really helpful in supporting our research.’

One of the problems for potential investors is there are a number of different theories about how and why we age and therefore how to slow the process down. Research into senolytics and gene therapy are both looking promising.

Jim’s book offers three possible portfolios for investors to consider: conservative, moderate and speculative.

There is also thorough and extensive research included on each company he recommends and he plans to continue to support and inform those who wish to put money into this area.

He said: ’We are hopeful that the portfolios outlined in the book will do well. As companies involved with longevity go public, we will update our website ( to reflect new opportunities.’

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