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“Recent revelations concerning the influence of the private sector on the House of Lords and corporate hospitality for civil servants give an extra edge to a reading of Lionel Zetter’s Lobbying. With the Prime Minister having indicated his intention to consider a register of lobbyists, the author might yet have to add another chapter. The book as it stands, though, is a veritable feast of facts, contacts and anecdotes.

Despite forensic analysis of subjects as dry as the European Court of Justice – in order to keep the budding public affairs specialist happy – there is enough wit to entertain all. A stellar cast of contributors – ranging from Tory blogger Iain Dale to his Labour rival Derek Draper, as well as leading political branding experts – creates real zip.

If you want to know more about cultivating relationships with governments across the UK, the EU, the US and even China this is a book for you.”

By Dean Carroll

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