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Working 5 to 9: How to start a successful business in your spare time, by Emma Jones

Emma Jones is founder of online community Enterprise Nation, a well-respected resource for anyone running a home business. She is therefore expert at combining the domestic and the entrepreneurial. Here, she provides advice for anyone who likes the idea of starting a home business but who doesn’t know where to begin.

The range of ideas in the section on “50 businesses you can start in your spare time” is inspirational, but there are also lots of little tips and ideas scattered throughout the book. Jones’s approach means only the most dedicated will want to slog through all 50 ideas in sequence, but dipping in and out is interesting enough.

The back section is a gold mine of valuable advice and help. As anyone who has met Jones will confirm, she has an irrepressibly upbeat attitude to life and business, and is full of enthusiasm for those she helps. This attribute comes across in the book, which, in essence, is a business start-up toolkit. Whether you want to be a five-to-niner or a full-time entrepreneur, there is something here for you.

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