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World?s greatest investors? methods explored in new book

A new book by portfolio manager Frederik Vanhaverbeke explores the strategies of the world?s greatest investors.

Excess Returns, published by Harriman House, attempts to answer whether it is possible to beat the market, and discusses how famous investors have gained huge margins over the years.

Using his style of forensic analysis, Frederik Vanhaverbeke creates a blueprint for investors made from hundreds of books, articles letters and speeches made by some of the globe?s most well-known and successful investors.

Among the legends whose work is studied by Vanhaverbeke are: Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Anthony Bolton, Peter Lynch, Charles Munger, Joel Greenblatt, Seth Klarman, David Einhorn, Daniel Loeb, Lou Simpson, Prem Watsa and many more.

The investing essentials covered include:
? Finding bargain shares
? Making a quantitative and qualitative business analysis
? Valuation methods
? Investing throughout the business cycle
? Timing buy and sell decisions

Speaking of his work, author Frederik Vanhaverbeke said: ?This book discusses all aspects of investing (the philosophy behind investing, where to find bargains, how to buy and sell, how to analyze companies, valuation, common investing mistakes, types of stocks, risk management, required attitudes to be successful) in-depth, systematically, and with plenty of references to the practices of a very wide set of top investors.?

?The book is the result of a very detailed study over many years where commonalities among the methods of numerous top investors have been identified through the analysis of hundreds of books, articles, letters to shareholders, interviews, and other literature about or written by numerous top investors.?

Successfully highlighting common mistakes of investors, as well as including a whole chapter dedicated to the boom-bust cycle, this book will prove an invaluable resource for the modern investor looking to enhance their knowledge of a notoriously complex industry
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