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“Your Retirement Salary” – the pension best seller.

Richard Dyson & Richard Evans, the Daily Telegraph’s senior personal finance journalists, have written a book.

I like the title “Your retirement salary” , the book is about creating a wage in older age from the pension pots of the kind of people who read the Daily Telegraph.

I like the book’s chatty style. To the question “what is a pension?” the answer is simple, a pension is the money you live on when you’re retired

The book references the simpler world of previous generations,

“Come the end of your career, you collected your watch, went home and what had been your earned wage in one month, became your pension payment the next”,

but this is not nostalgia – it is a very modern self-help book.

It encourages its readers to find their pension pots, bring them together and become their own pension managers. It has chapters on integrating the “pension pot” with ISAs, income from property defined benefit the state pensions but its the savings pot that is at its heart.

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