Independently minded publishing

Brendan Corcoran, CFA, Partner & Head of North America, Partners Capital Investment Group

Yet again, Larry Swedroe takes a topic that mystifies most of us, cuts through the confusion and misguided conventional wisdom, and leaves us with a clear, evidence-based strategy for success. This time, it is retirement. Swedroe and Grogan present a comprehensive guide to financial success in retirement, with compelling evidence from the academic world and their own practical experience from years of helping clients. In typical Swedroe fashion, the authors deal in facts and are not afraid to take on the asset management industry for its sins. The book begins with wise advice and empathy about the non-financial aspects of retirement – that is, life – that most financial advisors overlook or are afraid to talk about. From now on, when I’m asked for advice about retirement, I’ll send a copy of Larry’s book to clients and friends – and most importantly, my parents.