Independently minded publishing

– David Pastel, Chairman and CEO, Pastel and Associes, Paris

“With the publication of Deep Value Investing, J Bos has joined a very select group made up of investors turned authors turned teachers. Deep Value investing is not your average book about value investing. No generalities here, no theories, no big words. But facts, very clear principles and how to implement them example after example. This book has not been written to entertain the reader nor to make him dream about becoming rich through using some abstruse formulae or techniques. Everything in this book is easy to understand, down to earth and replicable. But at a cost: one has to work and work hard in order to put to good use Jeroen’s manual. One has to go after the raw materials of financial accounts and statements and dig underneath in order to, on rare occasions, be fortunate enough to pick the deeply undervalued investment opportunities. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham remains a reference in the field, but the required reading list for value investors is now one title longer since J Bos’ Deep Value Investing publication.”