Independently minded publishing

Marc L. Ross, CFA

“Canderle lets the facts and circumstances do the talking. In his estimation, the reader will need to draw her own conclusions as to the merits and demerits of the discipline. At the very least, it would seem that the truth about private equity’s intentions lies somewhere between opprobrium and encomium, though the author at times is unsparing in his criticism of the industry’s shortcomings. Private equity is as much an investment strategy as it is an asset class. As such, it is multifaceted, often subject to the whims of human emotion, something that the case studies bring out with a high degree of granularity. The book assumes knowledge of the rudiments of finance, but is not completely inaccessible to those who lack it. On the contrary, it encourages the reader to learn more. Academics and financial writers could take a page from Canderle’s book…literally. …The author’s style is erudite, yet he felicitously phrases the narrative to make what could otherwise be a dry volume into an engaging read. Private equity is dynamic. Enjoy this series of financial short stories. Perhaps truth is at times stranger than fiction.”