Independently minded publishing

Mark Northway, Chairman of ShareSoc

Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom, by Ben Carlson and Robin Powell, sets out to simplify the complex world of personal finance – and achieves this goal.

The authors focus on the value of time, and stress the importance of savings over specific investment strategy. It covers the basics of investing – financial planning, asset allocation, tax incentives – but always comes back to the central themes of time and savings. These are important messages to get into the hands of people early in their careers.

The language is non-technical, and the book is brimming with simple rules of thumb to help the reader build a coherent picture of their own financial path and destination, and the choices and compromises they face along the way.

The underlying “get rich slowly” message resonates with advice from Warren Buffet, from Lord Lee and from many successful investors, and is delivered in a though-provoking way with the intention of promoting better financial habits.