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Professor Philip Corr, City University

Ripple takes the reader on an experience-packed journey inside the wonderful world of applied behavioural science – impressively, it makes this world both comprehensible and practicable, showing how little changes can have very significant wide-ranging effects. Groom and Vellacott’s book is packed with illuminating real-world examples showcasing the power of behavioural insights to make a real, and usually low cost, difference – sometimes transforming a good idea into a commercial success. It is hard to think of a better tutorial on the effective use of behavioural science in business, especially as it comes from authors who are at the serious end of its application. This is a valuable resource for anyone wanting to apply behavioural ripples to create a sea-change in their own business. Given the thoughtful way it is written – using story-telling backed-up with practical tips – investment of reading time is amply rewarded by new knowledge, ideas and a practical toolkit that is ready to be put to work. Read, apply and watch these behavioural ripples create new waves in your own business.