Independently minded publishing

Todd Wenning, CFA and senior investment analyst at Ensemble Capital

I’ve read John Stepek’s work for over a decade now and have come to learn that when I see his byline, I know what follows will have been well considered and researched and thoughtfully communicated in an effort to genuinely help the reader become a better investor. The Sceptical Investor is case in point. If you’re new to investing, the book provides an excellent overview of how you should mentally and emotionally approach investing. It’s not just about running numbers on a spreadsheet or going against the grain. John smartly identifies the flaws in pure ‘contrarian’ investing and instead offers a more balanced and nuanced ‘sceptial’ mindset that will better serve investors over time. Learning that pure contrarianism doesn’t work can take a new investor years and many losses to figure out. John’s book will help you minimize your time on that troublesome path. If you’re an experienced investor, John’s book offers both fresh ideas around how to structure your process and serves as a reminder for the correct frameworks for approaching investing. Most investing books designed for individual investors are either too basic to be valuable to experienced investors or too advanced and scare off new investors. John has a knack for writing in a way that serves both groups. The Sceptical Investor is written in plan language, yet that does not come at the cost of insightful and useful commentary. This is the sign of a first rate investment thinker and John fits that mold indeed.