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Akhil Patel

Akhil Patel is the Director of Property Sharemarket Economics, an investment research service that teaches subscribers how to ‘remember the future’ based on leading knowledge of economic and financial cycles.

Akhil became interested in such cycles after his family’s business went through difficult periods during the major recessions in the early 1990s and 2008. He refused to accept the conventional wisdom that these events could not be forecast in advance. After much study, he decided to develop a body of work that would help people – whether they were investors, business owners or those just interested in doing something with their savings.

With professional experience in the UK civil service and international development, Akhil has worked on a range of issues from reviewing large infrastructure deals to helping establish the UK’s £3bn International Climate Fund. He has two masters degrees (in finance and public policy) and a first degree in classics from Oxford.

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