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The Psychology of Money

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Dear Shareholder

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Unknown Market Wizards

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From Master Investor

Book Review: Bulletproof Trader

Bulletproof Trader is a unique book that replaces the financial theories and candlestick charts of typical trading tomes with an approach that focusses on improving the mind and body. It is also practical, packed with exercises and activities which are evidence based and which are used by Ward with his own trading and investing clients. Whether a novice or professional trader, the mixture of psychology, physiology and philosophy will likely help anyone involved in the markets to improve their long-term attitude to trading, and more importantly, their performance.

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From Management Today

Why collaborations fail

Michael Brow, author of I Don’t Agree, explores why business collaborations often fail in this extract from his new book.

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From Grazia

The art of negotiating a pay rise over Zoom

Author of I Don’t Agree Michael Brown explains how to negotiate a pay rise while working from home.

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From BullionVault

Warren Buffett’s Investing Secret

To write engagingly about investment is almost impossibly hard, but Morgan Housel makes it look effortless. He has been ably assisted by editor Craig Pearce (with whom we had the pleasure of working on our own contribution to the genre, 2016’s Investing Through the Looking Glass). Not a word idles and the pacing is terrific. This correspondent managed to dispatch its 240 pages in a handful of hours, and would be happy to read it all over again.

The Psychology of Money is published by Harriman House on 8th September. We cannot recommend it highly enough.

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