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From Master Investor

Book Review: The Deals of Warren Buffett Volume 2

Glen Arnold has once again managed to add more colour and depth to a subject which is already widely covered.

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From MoneyWeek

Running with the crowd is bad for your finances – here’s how to resist it

This morning, we’ve got another extract from The Sceptical Investor for you.

I published the book with Harriman House last year. It’s all about contrarian investing – or as I’ve rebranded it, sceptical investing.

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From Entrepreneur Europe

Warren Buffett Drinks 5 Cans of Coke a Day — Here’s Why He Switched From Pepsi After Nearly 50 Years

Warren Buffett famously consumes five cans of Coke a day. However, he drank Pepsi for nearly 50 years, and only switched sodas because an old neighbor intervened, Glen Arnold wrote in “The Deals of Warren Buffett Volume 2: The Making of a Billionaire.”

“I’m one-quarter Coca-Cola,” the 89-year-old investor told Fortune in 2015, explaining the drink accounts for 25% of his daily calorie intake.

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From Forbes

Top 20 Must-Reads of 2019

It’s hard to know where to focus your investments—I know I struggle with it from time to time. In Only the Best Will Do, Peter Seilern flouts the conventional investing wisdom (diversification, bah humbug!) and outlines ways to figure out which stocks can bring you the growth you want in your portfolio.

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