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How I Invest My Money

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The Psychology of Money

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Unknown Market Wizards

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Leadership by Algorithm

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From MoneyTalk News

28 Investing Tips From Today’s Financial Geniuses

Morgan Housel has a new book, “The Psychology of Money: Timeless Lessons on Wealth, Greed, and Happiness.” In the book, Housel describes why doing well with money isn’t necessarily about what you know.

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From Investment News

Lessons from the experts

The overarching investment takeaways are the financial equivalent of eat-your-vegetables. Just as they advise others to do, the book’s contributors try to save a lot, not borrow too much and opt for low-cost investments for the long haul while being as dispassionate as possible about market ups and downs.

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From BloombergQuint

Does Your Mutual Fund Have Risk Disguised As Alpha

The overarching theme that the book propounds is that while indexing is preferred to active investing, factor-based passive investing to achieve ‘Smart Beta’ returns is the way forward. Indian index makers have work to do in this space, but the passive, indexing movement is well underway in our country as well.

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From City A.M.

How much is Donald Trump worth? Judging by his Scottish golf resorts, not as much as you think

Opinion piece written by Stephen Clapham, founder of Behind the Balance Sheet and author of The Smart Money Method.

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