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From Wayfinding

Are you having a laugh?

Humour is an excellent mechanism for coping with stress and cementing relationships, according to author of The Choice Factory, Richard Shotton.

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Follow these 5 money rules while you’re still young—or ‘regret it later in life,’ says finance expert

Personal finance hacks are not easy because shortcuts rarely exist. Rewards take time and effort. The personal finance industry — filled with advice that sounds and feels good, but doesn’t actually move the needle — needs to recognize this.

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From Thinkbox

Advertising’s biggest challenge? The Mandy Rice-Davies problem

Behavioural scientist and author of The Choice Factory, Richard Shotton, explores how brands can harness the power of public statements to build trust.

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From IPA

44 Club: I Don’t Agree Book Launch

Launching his new book I Don’t Agree, author Michael Brown is joined by Jules Chappell OBE and Ash Alexander-Cooper OBE to discuss where conflict stems from, and the personal and professional benefits of leaving our egos at the door to reach the best solution.

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