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From Master The Markets

‘The Way Of The Trader’ Book review

A must read for any beginner or intermediate trader. Ian Murphy explores the 5 stage path that a trader should take in a very clear step by step methodological way. He also states the six psychological tools that a trader must arm himself with for consistent performance. The thorough detail on the risk management section sets this book apart from others. All the essential elements for successful trading are put together in a practical way in the strategy section. Overall, a great book for anyone to become a better trader.

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From Onrec

Insights into how behavioural science can improve recruitment offered free to HR and business professionals

Richard Shotton, Behavioural Scientist and Author of ‘The Choice Factory’, said: “The way people claim to behave versus how they actually behave are two very different things. Recruitment is about understanding people; improving knowledge about the inherent biases in human behavior will have important implications for the industry.

While behavioural science is increasingly used in other sectors, it hasn’t been used to its full potential in recruitment yet. Everyone who takes part in the webinar will leave with several easily implemented changes that can be used within their recruitment strategies and campaigns to bring about big improvements.”

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From The Walta Business Weekly

Chinese edition of ‘Behavioural Technical Analysis’ by Paul V. Azzopardi

The English version of the book was first published by Harriman House of the UK, a specialist publisher. The book’s title has become a frequently used term in investment analysis and in other book titles to describe the fusion and mutual pollination of the exciting new discoveries in behavioral finance.

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From The Market

Sieben Sünden des Anlegens

Kein Anleger ist gegen Fehler gefeit. Wie man sie erkennt und wie man sich wappnen kann, beschreibt Joachim Klement in «7 Mistakes Every Investor Makes».

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