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Deborah Taylor

Deborah works as a professional trainer at Financial Edge, where she provides accounting, modelling and valuation training to investment banks.

Deborah’s move into professional training was relatively recent, having worked at Barclays until May 2019, where she was a Director in Equity Research and co-head of Sustainable and Thematic Investing. Deborah spent eight years at Barclays, focussing on accounting and valuation research whilst working with her co-author Kenneth, and where they were one of the top ranked teams in their sector. In the later years, Deborah had broadened her remit to include research on corporate governance issues, including corporate taxation and regulation.

Deborah is a Chartered Accountant, having qualified at Deloitte where she worked in the Financial Services audit division. Prior to training as an accountant, she graduated from the Queen’s College, Oxford University with a Master’s degree in Physics. She is also co-author of the book Financial Statement Analysis Under IFRS (Financial Edge, 2018).

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