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Ondrej Martinsky

Ondrej Martinsky specialises in mathematics and computer science, intelligent and decision support systems. He has been working on several research projects within these areas during his stay at Brno University of Technology. He currently works as an independent contractor for a major investment bank in London and publishes his blog Ondrej is also the author of several scientific papers which have been presented at international conferences.

Ondrej also studies economics, financial markets and security exchanges, and in particular technical analysis of market prices in combination with the short-term trading of financial derivatives. Alongside conventional trading he is also interested in the scientific approach, wondering not only how markets move, but also why they move as they do.

During the last few years, he has been investigating how advanced computational methods can be applied in financial markets. In his book, “Intelligent Trading Systems”, he provides the results of this research and a unique interconnection of knowledge from the fields of computer science and financial markets.

Books by Ondrej Martinsky