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7 Simple Strategies of Highly Effective Traders

Winning technical analysis strategies that you can put into practice right now

By Paresh H. Kiri and Alpesh B. Patel

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7 Simple Strategies of Highly Effective Traders

Winning technical analysis strategies that you can put into practice right now

By Paresh H. Kiri and Alpesh B. Patel

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A practical guide to the straightforward and winning strategies of successful traders

Trading is best kept simple and focused – that is the way to win. The most successful traders will tell you that they use only a small number of strategies, applying them time after time. A common mistake of losing traders, however, is to overly complicate what they do, using many different strategies at one time, or leading a never-ending search for new strategies.

In 7 Simple Strategies of Highly Effective Traders, Alpesh Patel and Paresh Kiri provide a practical guide to seven technical analysis trading approaches that are simple, effective and easy to put into practice. These are the kind of strategies professional traders use to manage their trading. Throughout, readers will benefit from the trading insight and expert chart commentary of two vastly experienced traders.

Included are strategies for breakout with volume, event trading, mean reversion, moving averages, short-term day trading, and more.The strategies can be used on a wide range of instruments, from equities to forex, bonds and commodities. Most of the approaches can also be used equally on UK, US or international markets.

Don’t waste money cycling through strategies, pursuing the Holy Grail – follow the winning approach of the pros and keep things simple.

About the author

Paresh Kiri has vast experience as a floor trader on the worlds second largest derivatives exchange, LIFFE, and as a portfolio manager for 18 years. He is an FSA regulated Investment Manager.

Starting his career on the LIFFE floor in 1993, Paresh was one of the first traders to embrace screen trading, through the LIFFE online trading platform APT - Automated Pit Trading. Making progress under the guidance of the legendary LIFFE trader David Kyte, he was one of the most consistent traders on the largest product on the floor - the Japanese Government Bond.

After successfully completing the Investment Management Certificate in 1996 he was one of the founders of Kyte Securities. From trading financial futures and option products, Paresh had his first taste of trading shares. During the next three years he was instrumental in discovering bespoke strategies for trading equities globally.

In 2000, Kyte Securities became Eden Financial - which is now one of the most respected wealth management companies in the City of London, and the strategies developed were then incorporated as the backbone to the Tomahawk hedge fund, run by Marble Bar Asset Management.

Since leaving Eden Financial in 1999, Paresh has been managing private client and institutional money. He has also been developing an Index Options Desk, and seeking ways of bringing the strategies he developed to the wider public audience by structuring managed accounts services using online trading platforms.

Paresh regularly coaches and holds private seminars on trading the markets.

About the author

Alpesh Patel is co-founder of asset manager, Praefinium Partners and and has had over 200 columns on trading published by the Financial Times in his The Diary of an Internet Trader column. Alpesh is a former Visiting Fellow in Business at Corpus Christi College, Oxford University and a qualified barrister. He won the competition in the Financial Times to predict the value of the FTSE 100 over a 12 month period, coming within 0.5% of the final value. For Bloomberg TV he presented trading shows for three years.

Alpesh has lectured on trading in Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Guatemala, Spain, Dubai and San Francisco, and his trading books have been translated into German, French, Russian, Thai, Korean and Polish. Alpeshs trading blog is available at

Past clients of Alpeshs company for customer acquisition include Barclays, Goldman Sachs, American Express, Merrill Lynch, HSBC and all the major spread betting companies.


“An absolutely brilliant book. To the point, direct, no time wasting. Stop looking elsewhere. This is the one.”

– Pan Kokkalis,

“In summary this book is a suitable primer for new or some experienced traders who are searching for one or clear and simple strategies that are well-known.”

–Les Masonson, BuyDon’tHold

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About the authors

Strategy 1. Breakout With Volume: Probably the simplest and least understood strategy
Strategy 2. Event Trading: Trading the market's reaction to data releases
Strategy 3. Day Trading: For the time rich and impatient
Strategy 4. Mean Reversion: For the patient and the shrewd
Strategy 5. Moving Averages: A classic done right
Strategy 6. Trend Lines and Channels: For the daily to the occasional trader
Strategy 7. Japanese Candles: For those wanting to see things differently

More Important Than Strategy

Published: 03/11/2014
Edition: 1st
Pages: 112
Formats: paperback - ISBN 9780857192387
ebook - ISBN 9780857194534
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