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Bulletproof Trader

Evidence-based strategies for overcoming setbacks and sustaining high performance in the markets

By Steve Ward

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Bulletproof Trader

Evidence-based strategies for overcoming setbacks and sustaining high performance in the markets

By Steve Ward

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Trading can be intensely rewarding. But it is also one of the most mentally and emotionally challenging activities anyone can pursue. As in other high-performance domains, those who are serious about mastering their craft and staying in the game spend serious time working on their game, including training their mind and body.

Steve Ward has spent the last 15 years working as a performance coach with financial traders and investors at some of the biggest and most successful investment banks, hedge funds, asset managers, commodities trading houses and proprietary trading groups across the globe, helping them to perform at their best, to navigate the highs and lows of trading and investing in the markets, and to sustain high performance for the long run.

As one hedge fund client put it to him, “It’s about becoming bulletproof”.

Becoming a bulletproof trader is forged over time through experience, and by applying the latest insights from biological and psychological sciences, the best that practical philosophy can teach us, and a healthy dose of pragmatism – doing what actually works in the real world of trading the markets.

This book brings together all of Steve’s latest insights into how to deal with stresses and setbacks and sustain high performance in a comprehensive, accessible and unmissable book, so that you too can become a bulletproof trader.

Don’t trade without it.

About the author

Steve Ward specialises in working with traders, portfolio managers and markets professionals, helping help them to achieve and to sustain high performance by utilising the latest science, research and practice from elite performance, psychology, physiology, neuroscience, and behavioural science.

His clients include some of the world’s top hedge funds, asset managers, commodities trading houses, energy trading firms, utility companies, and proprietary trading groups across the globe.

Prior to starting his work with within the financial sector Steve provided sports psychology coaching to elite athletes and teams in over thirty different sports across the globe, and he has also provided psychological coaching for professional poker players.

Steve is the author of ‘Bulletproof Trader’, ‘Tradermind’, ‘High Performance Trading’ and ‘Sports Betting To Win’, and he has written, and featured in, many articles for leading financial publications.

Media coverage

From YouTube:

Steve Ward specialises in helping people working in trading, investing and banking to enhance their risk taking, improve their decision making and to achieve and sustain high performance by utilising the latest science, research and practice from performance psychology, decision science, neuroscience, behavioural science, physiology and philosophy.Since 2005 he has provided specialised coaching, training and… Read more »

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From Trader's Mind Journal:

The ‘Traders Mind Journal’ has been developed to help traders to improve their trading performance through engaging in a focused, engaging and valuable journaling process, that has mindset, and mastery at its core. The journal encourages traders to reflect effectively on their trading decisions, focus on developing core elements of their trading psychology, and to… Read more »

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From Becoming The Trader:

This book has not only impacted the way that I look at learning to trade, but it has affected other aspects of my life in a positive way as well.

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From :

Bulletproof Trader is a unique book that replaces the financial theories and candlestick charts of typical trading tomes with an approach that focusses on improving the mind and body. It is also practical, packed with exercises and activities which are evidence based and which are used by Ward with his own trading and investing clients.… Read more »

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About the Author

Preface: A Guide to this Book

Part One: Becoming Bulletproof
1. Why Bulletproof?
2. The Bulletproof Framework

Part Two: Ups and Downs
3. The Nature of Trading
4. Get Good at the Downs

Part Three: Commitment
5. Mindset Over Matter
6. Take Committed Action
7. Know Your Values

Part Four: Risk and Uncertainty
8. Manage Your Risk
9. Embrace Uncertainty
10. Plan for the Worst

Part Five: Focus
11. Train Your Attention
12. Focus on the Process
13. Control the Controllables

Part Six: Discomfort
14. Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable
15. Unhook from Difficult Thoughts
16. Work With Your Stress-Based Emotions

Part Seven: Confidence
17. Build Confidence in Coping With Difficulty
18. Stay Calm in Critical Moments
19. Don't Beat Yourself Up

Part Eight: Flexibility
20. Find the Opportunity in the Difficult
21. Get Good at Adapting to Change

Part Nine: State Management
22. Monitor Your Stress and Fatigue Levels
23. Master the Art of Recovery
24. Develop Your Physiological Fitness

25. The End – and a Beginning



Published: 23/06/2020
Edition: 1st
Pages: 266
Formats: paperback - ISBN 9780857196675
ebook - ISBN 9780857196682
audio - ISBN 0000000000035
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