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Cook Wrap Sell

A guide to starting and running a successful food business from your kitchen

By Bruce McMichael

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Cook Wrap Sell

A guide to starting and running a successful food business from your kitchen

By Bruce McMichael

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From producing for pleasure to producing for profit!

With the growing demand for traditional, well-cooked, locally-sourced, homemade food there’s never been a better time to start your own food business. You can sell your products at local food fairs, farmers’ markets, food festivals and online. You can even get the ear of the supermarkets. Meanwhile, with modern technology and social media, it’s never been easier to promote your products.

Produced in partnership with Country Living Magazine, this book will help you to:

– turn your love of food into a thriving small business, with the right idea and a watertight business plan
– create a home-based kitchen that complies with health and safety legislation
– use social media to promote your produce and brand
– become part of a vibrant community selling at farmers’ markets and food festivals across the UK
– sell into shops, pubs and giant supermarket chains

This book is sprinkled with real-life stories of people making money from cooking, baking, blogging and much more besides. You’ll meet soft drink producers, beef burger and sausage makers, chocolate and fudge specialists . . . and more.

All of them started from scratch and are now successfully selling into everywhere from farm shops to supermarkets. With this book you can join them.

About the author

Bruce McMichael has worked as a freelance writer, journalist and publisher for over 20 years and is passionate about local food, inspired by local provenance through meeting and learning from the producers and chefs.

Bruce published and edited a local food magazine, Taste Shropshire which included news and reviews of local food producers, restaurant and hotel reviews and local and regional recipes.

As a regular user of local farmers' markets, food fairs and festivals he has spoken with hundreds of individual local producers, and small to medium sized businesses eager to share their experiences of working as a food entrepreneurs.

With a post-graduate degree in marketing, he has gained experience in international book retailing and sales which enable him to travel extensively, visiting many different types of fresh food markets around Europe, the USA and Asia.

Bruce is an experienced public speaker and conference chair and has judged many cooking competitions including 'Curry Chef of the Year' organised by Shropshire Council; a best Fidget Pie challenge run by the famous Ludlow Food Festival and a Best Sausage competition run by the regional food group Heart of England Fine Foods.

Media coverage

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From Shropshire Business Today:


Who this book is for
What this book does

PART ONE: Starting Your Food Business

1. Cooking up a Great Idea
Starting your home-based food business
Key steps in creating your business
What's your niche?

2. Types of Food Business

3. Refining Your Ideas
Focus groups
Cooking schools

4. Planning Your Business
Business plan

5. Costs and Funding

6. Registering Your Business
What's the best form of company for me?
Environmental health registration
What to call your company and how to protect its name

7. Accountants, Tax and Insurance
Accountants and tax
Admin Q&A

PART TWO: Running Your Food Business

8. Being a Home-based Business
Kitchen layout tips
Saving money in the kitchen
Health and safety
Creating your perfect work environment
Getting around

9. Recipes and Ingredients
What goes in?
Food allergies and intolerances
Scaling up production
Quality standards and certification

10. Branding and Packaging
Design appeal
It's a bit like therapy
Design brief:a checklist

11. New Product Development
What is new product development (or NPD)?
From idea to new product
'Tis the season
Ethical eating

PART THREE: Marketing and Sales

12. Promoting Your Products
Impress the press
Competitions and promotions

13. Your Business Website
Online presence
Pages to include
Attracting visitors
E-commerce tools

14. Using Social Media

15. From Farm Shops to Supermarkets
Local retailers
Regional and national retailers
Pitch tips for meeting supermarket buyers
Box schemes and online stores

16. Selling at Events
Farmers' markets
Food festivals
Farmers' market and festival kit list
Running a successful stall



Published: 07/09/2012
Edition: 1st
Pages: 200
Formats: paperback - ISBN 9781908003270
ebook - ISBN 9781908003492
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