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Day Trading Grain Futures

A practical guide to trading for a living

By David Bennett

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Day Trading Grain Futures

A practical guide to trading for a living

By David Bennett

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This practical book provides you with everything you need to be able to day trade grain futures effectively. It opens with chapters explaining the author’s preference for the grain futures markets, and his reasons for preferring to day trade, before going on to explain the fundamentals of trading and the more specific knowledge required for his chosen approach.

In a concise, punchy style the reader is introduced to some timeless trading concepts, and shown how these ideas can be moulded into a trading system to attack the exhilarating grain markets. No sophisticated indicators or complex mathematics are found here. Instead, the author builds a system based on tried and true trading principles, combined with sound money management strategies.

The particular challenge for a day trader during the volatile market open is to quickly identify support and resistance zones, and form a view on trend direction, based on limited information. The author describes how he does this, with detailed illustrations and real life examples. He then goes on to explain exactly how, based on the initial market movement, he determines stop loss and target levels.

A key feature of the book is the chapter tracing the progress of a real life trading session. It shows the author’s methods being applied in practice, with numerous screen shots giving the reader an understanding of what the trading process feels like in practice – effectively giving you a fly on the wall view of the author in action.

Another highly illustrated chapter shows a complete month of trading charts with commentary on trades taken, giving the reader an appreciation of the longer term trading process. A process described by the author as “constant repetition of a simple plan, concentrating on implementation excellence”.

Other chapters outline the author’s views on the need for practice, and discuss the practical points a home-based trader should attend to in their computer and internet set up.

The book’s focus is to highlight the exciting opportunities of grain futures and provide the vital detailed and hands-on information that will make it invaluable to all futures, equity, options or CFD traders.

About the author

David Bennett is a futures trader living on the Gold Coast in Australia.

His formal career spanned computing, teaching and human resource management, but his passion is trading. "For many years I tried every trading technique I heard about, with indifferent results, but then I got into day trading futures - and I've never looked back!".

With an IT background, he developed software for his own use, and this is now sold to other traders under the TradeOnAUTO brand.

David initially became interested in finance and trading when he was chairman of the trustees of a large superannuation fund, working closely with professional fund managers.


“Throughout the book he offers useful comments about trading and risk management that he has experienced over many years of trading. These are well worth the reader’s time, since making too many mistakes and not focusing on the key elements of trading will result in an expensive failure.”

Les Masonson, Buy Don’t Hold blogger

Media coverage

From Buy Don't Hold:

David Bennett provides his simple, but complete trading strategy applied to the grain futures market in this book’s second edition (2017). He provides a step-by-step guide with overly sufficient charting examples. Using basic candlesticks with the grain’s support and resistance levels, and the daily range of specific price levels of certain bars, he is able… Read more »

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About the Author
A Note on the Second Edition

Part I: Day Trading Grain Futures
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Why Trade the Grains?
Chapter 3: Why Day Trading?
Chapter 4: It's All a Gamble
Chapter 5: It's All About Managing Risk
Chapter 6: What Do I Trade?
Chapter 7: What a Speculative Trader Does
Chapter 8: Charts
Chapter 9: Support and Resistance
Chapter 10: Entry Rules
Chapter 11: Managing the Trade
Chapter 12: Implementing the Plan
Chapter 13: My Trading Calculator
Chapter 14: My Trading Screen
Chapter 15: A Case Study
Chapter 16: A Month at the Tables
Chapter 17: The Importance of Practice
Chapter 18: The Computer Set-up
Chapter 19: The Trading Ritual

Part II: Reflections 10 Years On
Chapter 20: A Winter's Day
Chapter 21: I'm a Trader
Chapter 22: What's This Psychology Stuff?


Published: 14/08/2017
Edition: 2nd
Pages: 248
Formats: paperback - ISBN 9780857196590
ebook - ISBN 9780857196606
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