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From Zero to Millionaire

A simple, effective and stress-free way to invest in the stock market

By Nicolas Bérubé

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From Zero to Millionaire

A simple, effective and stress-free way to invest in the stock market

By Nicolas Bérubé

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“Investing is a simple activity, which an entire industry strives to make complicated to justify its existence.”

At a time when a record number of people are investing in the stock market, this book by award-winning financial writer Nicolas Bérubé reveals how any investor can get rich and beat the professionals at their own game by investing less than an hour a year of their time.

Admitting that he felt like a ‘zero’ after his first mistakes as a beginner investor, Nicolas has never stopped trying to understand what separates the winners from the losers. He has observed how the greatest investors around the world think and act, meeting and interviewing many of them, and going on to include the revealing results here.

He also uses little-known examples, such as the forgotten theft of the Mona Lisa, Isaac Newton’s stock market disaster, and the mistake made by one of the world’s greatest investors, to make learning about investing a compelling journey through history, psychology, and finance.

Finally, using the latest research, he identifies proven and accessible ways to invest, and offers concrete advice on how to get started or take control of your investments today.

From Zero to Millionaire gives you the tools to understand the stock market, and the skills to better manage your investments.

About the author

Nicolas Bérubé is an award-winning financial writer and reporter with La Presse, one of Canada’s largest news organizations. He lived in Los Angeles, California, for seven years as the paper’s first western correspondent, has received a National Newspaper Award and was a finalist for the Michener Awards, one of the highest honors in Canadian journalism. Initially published in French, De Zéro à Millionnaire was an instant bestseller in Canada.


Using index ETFs remains one of the most effective ways to achieve good portfolio diversification at a low cost. If you want to better understand the importance of diversification and the impact of your investment decisions, I encourage you to read Nicolas Bérubé’s book, From Zero to Millionaire: A simple, effective and stress-free way to invest in the stock market. His arguments in favour of index ETFs are well documented.

Ian Gascon, president, Idema Investments

Despite my PhD in Economics, I felt like an ant while reading From Zero to Millionaire. None of the strategies mentioned in this book are taught in the Economics or Finance programs. It is simple to understand, effective, and smart! This book could cost $100,000 and still be worth it.

Antoine Dedewanou, PhD, economist, adjunct research professor, School of Public Policy & Administration, Carleton University.

This book is excellent. The financial services industry is demystified, the ways to make portfolios grow are explained simply and clearly. The book is filled with historical references and confidences of professionals. A must-read.

Raymond Kerzérho, CFA, Senior Researcher, Head, Shared Services Research, PWL Capital Inc.

An excellent book by Nicolas Bérubé that demystifies the investment world and explains how to get better returns.

Richard Morin, CEO, Archer Portfolio Management.

“An approachable way to learn about best practices in investing”

Pénélope McQuade, CBC Radio-Canada
Published: 10/10/2023
Formats: paperback - ISBN 9781804090268
ebook - ISBN 9781804090275
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