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Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom

A simple guide to everything you need to know

By Ben Carlson and Robin Powell

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Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom

A simple guide to everything you need to know

By Ben Carlson and Robin Powell

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Whatever financial freedom means to you – living the life you want, not working to someone else’s timetable, not worrying about money ever again, or some other dream – the way to get there is through investing.

In this concise and accessible book, Ben Carlson and Robin Powell show you how to put yourself on the path to financial freedom through sensible saving and straightforward investing.

This is not about getting rich quick. But it is about getting rich reliably. Building wealth through investing – with the long-term goal of financial freedom – requires discipline, sacrifice and time. But it is possible, and almost anyone can do it if armed with the right information.

Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom shares all the steps you need to take to reach your goals.

This includes clear and simple answers to the following questions:

Why is saving important – and how much to save?
Why is investing the best way to build wealth?
What should investors expect from the stock market?
How long does it really take to become a millionaire?
Is it too late if you don’t make an early start to saving and investing?

After reading this book, you will know everything you need to know to achieve financial freedom!

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About the author

Ben Carlson is the Director of Institutional Asset Management at Ritholtz Wealth Management in New York City. Ben has spent his career working with various nonprofits, institutions and families to help them plan and invest their money wisely. He is the author of three other books including A Wealth of Common Sense: Why Simplicity Trumps Complexity in Any Investment Plan, the co-host of the Animal Spirits podcast and author of the blog, A Wealth of Common Sense.

About the author

Robin Powell is a journalist and broadcaster and the editor of the investing and personal finance blog, The Evidence-Based Investor. He is Head of Client Education at RockWealth, an evidence-based financial planning network with offices across the UK. He also campaigns for greater fairness and transparency in the global asset management industry.


Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom, by Ben Carlson and Robin Powell, sets out to simplify the complex world of personal finance – and achieves this goal.

The authors focus on the value of time, and stress the importance of savings over specific investment strategy. It covers the basics of investing – financial planning, asset allocation, tax incentives – but always comes back to the central themes of time and savings. These are important messages to get into the hands of people early in their careers.

The language is non-technical, and the book is brimming with simple rules of thumb to help the reader build a coherent picture of their own financial path and destination, and the choices and compromises they face along the way.

The underlying “get rich slowly” message resonates with advice from Warren Buffet, from Lord Lee and from many successful investors, and is delivered in a though-provoking way with the intention of promoting better financial habits.

Mark Northway, Chairman of ShareSoc

I wish I had read Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom in my early 20s. It would have saved me from some big mistakes.

Alice Guy, My Money Harvest

Carlson and Powell bring a great deal of expertise to the table in this readable, enjoyable and useful handbook. Drawing from their careers and personal experience they present some cogent advice for how to begin and continue a path to financial independence. In 22 short chapters this book lays out a plan that anyone can follow. Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom earns our high recommendation.

Angus McLeod, The Money Question

Carlson and Powell have shown an extraordinary ability to summarise the key concepts of personal finance in a clear and simple way. With numerical examples within everyone’s reach, this book answers questions on why, how, when, how much you should save and invest — and which tools to use. It is both enjoyable and educational.

Investire Con Buon Senso

This is one of the books I wished had been given to me when I was starting my first full-time job. I would have avoided a whole lot of expensive financial mistakes I made early on in my career.

Naresh Jayakumar, NJURLIFE

At last! A one-stop guide for UK savers that shows just how simple sensible investing can be – but is no simpler than it should be.


The lack of financial education at school, combined with the British taboo on discussing monetary matters, can lead to an information vacuum. That space is ripe to be filled with the empty, baseless advice of shills, charlatans and ‘finfluencers’. Everyone beginning to explore their financial self could benefit from filling said void with the truths found in this simple guide instead.


Ben Carlson and Robin Powell’s new book, Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom offers a clear path to building wealth that everyone should have learned in school (but didn’t). I highly recommend this clearly written guide.

Andrew Hallam, bestselling author of Millionaire Teacher and Balance: How to Invest and Spend for Happiness, Health and Wealth

Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom is an essential read for anyone starting out their investment journey; informative, well-written and easy to understand.

Life After the Daily Grind

This is the sort of well-written book I wished someone had given to me as a teenager to avoid some of those expensive and painful ‘learning by doing’ financial mistakes that many of us make early on.


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Introduction: Are You Ready to Climb a Mountain?

Chapter 1. Why You Need to Save
Chapter 2. The Power of Small Wins
Chapter 3. When Should You Start Saving?
Chapter 4. Why Invest in the First Place?
Chapter 5. Your Biggest Asset
Chapter 6. How Much Should You Save?
Chapter 7. What to Invest In
Chapter 8. How the Stock Market Works
Chapter 9. The Investor's Lifecycle
Chapter 10. Picking Stocks Is Harder Than You Think
Chapter 11. The One-Stop Shop Investment Fund
Chapter 12. You Get What You Don't Pay For
Chapter 13. Diversifying Across Time
Chapter 14. Stocks Will Go Down
Chapter 15. When Information Is Useless
Chapter 16. Treat Your Savings Like A Netflix Subscription
Chapter 17. Enlist the Help of the Taxman
Chapter 18. When Will I Hit Financial Freedom?
Chapter 19. How to Become A Millionaire
Chapter 20. What If You Get A Late Start Investing?
Chapter 21. Do You Need a Financial Adviser?
Chapter 22. The 20 Rules of Personal Finance
Conclusion: Keep It Simple

About the Authors

Published: 28/09/2021
Edition: 1st
Pages: 186
Formats: paperback - ISBN 9780857199362
ebook - ISBN 9780857199379
audio - ISBN 0000000000056
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