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Investing Through the Looking Glass

A rational guide to irrational financial markets

By Tim Price

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Investing Through the Looking Glass

A rational guide to irrational financial markets

By Tim Price

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The investment markets have never been more dangerous. Interest rates are at all-time lows; the sanctity of cash deposits is under threat; government bonds are expensive and offer ultra-low or negative yields; equity markets are largely detached from reality after years of loose monetary policy. Investors need to calibrate themselves to the realities of this extraordinary new environment so that they can protect their wealth and, ideally, prosper.

In Investing Through the Looking Glass, longstanding portfolio manager and investment columnist Tim Price identifies and shatters a number of investment myths and misconceptions. He questions whether stock markets inevitably rise over the longer term, whether bonds continue to be relevant as a failsafe low-risk asset, whether professional fund managers represent “smart money”, and much more besides.

But this is not just a counsel of despair. Having identified the problems besetting today’s investor, the focus then moves on to practical guidance to help investors preserve and grow their capital in this age of inflationary and deflationary uncertainty. Tim Price provides ideas on how to find attractive investments in distorted equity markets, on what might be the best-kept secret in finance, and how best to insure portfolios in an environment of heightened systemic risk.

Investing Through the Looking Glass presents a route map for navigating one of the most challenging financial environments that anyone has ever seen. For the sake of your wealth, can you afford not to read it?

About the author

Tim Price has worked in the capital markets for 25 years. A graduate of Christ Church, Oxford, he spent a decade as a bond specialist before going on to serve as Chief Investment Officer at three separate wealth management firms.
Tim has been shortlisted for five successive years in the UK Private Asset Managers Awards programme and was a winner in 2005 in the category of Defensive Investing. He is now manager of the VT Price Value Portfolio, a fund investing in Benjamin Graham-style value stocks, and specialist value funds, from around the world. Tim also writes regularly for MoneyWeek magazine and The Spectator.
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“As always Mr Price writes beautifully and is always provocative and insightful….Although it often feels that as a result of the actions of economic policy makers, and especially central bankers, it is much more difficult for investors to keep heads above water, the reality can be different. Unconstrained by index-based benchmarks private investors are much better placed to grow their wealth, while maintaining its integrity, than their institutional peers. “Investing Through The Looking Glass” shows how this can be achieved.”

Ian Orton, Editor at Large,

“…the book gives a good overview of what’s wrong with the current state of investing, and offers 3 interesting solutions. “

Michael Wassermann, Strictly Value

“…most of experienced investors should read this well-written book.”

J.C. Hyjun, Seeking Alpha

“Investing Through the Looking Glass, is aimed more at the active private investor, but given value is likely to be the investing watchword of 2017 in equity markets, this book is a good reminder of the fundamentals in a very clearly written style.”

Lawrence Gosling, founding edtor Investweek Week and editorial director Professional Adviser

‘This book forms an essential part of the education for any private investor’

Russell Napier, co-founder of ERIC, author of Anatomy of the Bear

“One doesn’t have to agree with Price to appreciate this book. He makes his case in razor-sharp prose.”

Brenda Jubin,

“Tim Price is one of the most cogent commentators on markets; this book contains wisdom and ideas that every investor should take note of. Tim has summarised the follies of Central Bankers, the avarice and general uselessness of financial advisers, and the bubble in asset prices that currently prevails. He comes up with a Manifesto which is designed to save us from the disastrous policies of the past two decades and to preserve and enhance capital. I thoroughly recommend Through the Looking Glass.”

Jim Mellon, Investor and Chairman, Burnbrae Ltd

“When Tim give speeches – even informal talks – crowds gather around him. Reading, his new book Investing Through the Looking Glass reminds me why. It’s a crisp story of how our Alice in Wonderland financial world actually works… told with wit, style and deep insights. George Soros said that there are some books that can make you a million dollars; this could be one of those books.”

Bill Bonner, Founder and President, Agora Inc

“Almost everything you think you know about finance, investing and money is wrong. In this wise, easy to read, and very independently minded book, Tim Price explains why. You might not agree with everything Tim says. But Through the Looking Glass will certainly make you think – and might make you a lot of money too.”

Merryn Somerset Webb, Editor in chief, MoneyWeek

“Certifiable lunatics run the world’s central banks. And it takes a sane person to tell that truth. Tim Price is very sane.”

Michael Covel, bestselling author of Trend Following and TurtleTrader

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Part One: Problems
1. The Banks
2. The Central Banks
3. Economists And Financial Theorists
4. Fund Managers
5. The Bond Market
6. The Stock Market
7. The Financial Media

Part Two: Solutions
8. Value Investing
9. Trend-Following Funds
10. Gold

Conclusion: Safeguarding your financial future
Appendix: The Modern Investor's Manifesto
About the Author

Published: 07/11/2016
Edition: 1st
Pages: 238
Formats: ebook - ISBN 9780857195371
paperback - ISBN 9780857195364
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