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Mastering Tennis Trading

Essential analysis and winning strategies to give you an edge in online tennis trading

By Daniel Weston

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Mastering Tennis Trading

Essential analysis and winning strategies to give you an edge in online tennis trading

By Daniel Weston

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Tennis is the second biggest sport for in-play turnover in the betting markets. It offers fantastic potential for educated, professional traders to achieve high levels of profits.

Mastering Tennis Trading gives you the tools to take a calm, strategic approach to tennis trading – in contrast to the emotional, impulsive trading style of many – and this will give you an edge in the markets.

You will learn tennis trading strategies for the in-play markets on the online betting exchanges – the largest of which are Betfair and Betdaq. The strategies presented will open your eyes to the possibilities in the in-play tennis markets and help you to add statistically-proven techniques to your trading armoury. This will give you a professional, organised trading script and prevent you from taking a haphazard, impulsive and purely gambling trading approach.

Strategies featured include:

– Backing the favourite when losing
– Backing the server
– Laying bad servers
– Tiebreak trading
– At the end of the first set
– The deciding set
– And many more!

Guidance is given on basic areas such as a trading set-up and how to avoid technological issues, through to more advanced subjects such as assessing which trading strategies work best and which entry points provide the best risk/reward ratios, as well as avoiding specific danger points which will help to eradicate costly losses. There are also statistics, compiled over many hours, that reveal high-odds trading opportunities.

With the help of Dan Weston, you will be able to improve your tennis enough to earn you a part-time income, or to eventually allow you to turn full-time once you have gained enough experience. You’ll soon be on course to master tennis trading.

About the author

As an analyst and trader specialising in tennis, Dan has five years' experience of statistical analysis, researching and writing about tennis pre-match and in-play betting markets. Drawing on his degree in Accounting & Finance (BA), he has created a pre-match pricing model and writes match and tournament previews and betting articles for his website,


“A must…well worth purchasing”

– Racing Post

Amazon Review:

“This is the first book I have seen that takes a fairly stat-heavy approach to trading in-game tennis. It explains in detail the single most important concept in tennis betting — relative hold and break percentages, which are used both pre-game and in-play for pricing. The author spends a great deal of time analyzing situations in-play that may have market inefficiencies. For example, how does a player do when facing a break-point at 0-40, compared to 0-30? Or how does a player’s play change when up or down a set? It also gives a lot of practical tips on the execution of trading. This book gets a lot of things right. If you read, understand and apply the contents of this book, you are likely to win (and at least not lose) betting in-play tennis.

I have one criticism of the author’s analysis. In many examples where stats are provided, the analysis is not robust. He does not consider how two samples he is comparing should be different in a vacuum. For example, the author defines a group of women’s servers as “bad”, and the group holds serve 56.6% of the time. When a bad server is serving to stay in a set (e.g., down 4-5) the serve hold rate drops to 54.9%. The author concludes that laying a bad server in such a situation may be advantageous. A better analysis would have estimated the bad server hold rate in that situation (given the player is down a game, that player on average is slightly worse than the opponent, and would be expected to have a slightly lower service hold rate for all games in the match, and not just that particular situation). This omission of conditional groups occurs throughout the entire book.

Despite my criticism of one methodological problem, this is well written and no other book out there comes close to covering this topic as well as this book. For those reasons, I gave it 5 stars. “



Introduction To Tennis Trading
- Part One: Setup
- Part Two: Some Basic Information and Market Thoughts
Pre-Match Trading
Introduction To Projected Service Holds
Using Projected Hold Percentages To Infer Value In-Play
Prematch Lay To In-Play Back
Backing The Favourite When Losing
Laying Bad Servers
The Vesnina Trade
Pressure Situations 1 - Serving For The Set
Pressure Situations 2 - Serving To Stay In The Set
Backing The Server
Tiebreak Trading
In-Game Trades 1 - Backing The Good Server
In-Game Trades 2 - Opposing The Bad Server
In-Game Trades 3 - Break Points
At The End Of The First Set
Singles Players That Also Play Doubles
The Deciding Set
Dangerous Situations
Dealing With Losing Positions
Psychology, Risk, And Bankroll Management

Appendix: Break Back Percentages Based On Time Decay And Break Back Stats

Published: 24/11/2014
Edition: 1st
Pages: 120
Formats: ebook - ISBN 9780857193858
paperback - ISBN 9780857194992
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