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Share Attack

80 great tips to survive and thrive as a trader

By Malcolm Stacey

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Share Attack

80 great tips to survive and thrive as a trader

By Malcolm Stacey

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80 must-read tips and techniques for trading success

Trading shares can make you rich – but it’s not risk-free. You need years of experience to navigate the dangers and seize the best opportunities.

Malcolm Stacey has done the hard work for you: he’s learned how to be successful through years of his own trading and countless conversations with top traders. Now he’s ready to share this knowledge and give you a head start.

Probably Britain’s best-known shares blogger, Malcolm has traded from his armchair for nearly 30 years. He’s gone through it all, from frothy bull market bubbles to crunching crashes.

As a BBC business reporter, he interviewed some of the most successful share traders in the world who revealed to him their top-secret strategies and tips. He’s also spoken to countless business leaders to learn what makes a good company – the kind you want to be backing with your cash.

In Share Attack he distils all of this into 80 vital trading tips and techniques that you can put into practice right now.

Filled with insight and experience, Share Attack is a trading book with teeth – a fascinating beginner’s guide for those who want to start trading more actively. It’s fast-moving and entertaining – and packed with years of techniques, tricks and red flags. You’ll learn from Malcolm’s early mistakes and benefit from his successes.

Malcolm can’t guarantee to make you rich by trading shares, but you can give yourself a vital edge by learning the top secrets of those who’ve done it all before. It’s time for the Share Attack!

About the author

A consumer writer for 28 years, Malcolm Stacey began his journalistic career as a schoolboy selling newspapers on Doncaster racecourse. Since then he has contributed to all our national newspapers and has made more than 6,000 radio and TV programmes. He is perhaps best known for his investigative reports on Radio Four's You and Yours Programme. His other guide to shares, the much acclaimed Armchair Tycoon, is also a popular seller.

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About the Author
Journey to the Centre of the Earth's Wealth

Getting Down to It
You'll need some cash to get started
Choosing a broker
A suggestion for your first trades
Don't let 'em get you in the spread
Is it gambling?
Greed and fear
Pop goes the psychology
How much to trade - safely
Be a chirpy contrarian
Picking growers
The number one investing rule
What to look for in a company
Free expert help
The magic PE
Good timing
My easy way to value a company
Three layers of the trading cake
Checking your choices
The importance of earnings
Beware the competition
Companies which corner the market
Spiders in company websites
Necessity versus luxury
Don't grab the cutlery
Buying FTSE 100 shares
When to sell
Delicious dividends
Overenthusiastic research and development
Your stop-loss system
The wonder of the steady riser
Recovery shares
How to be disloyal
Following the Footsie leader
The trend of individual shares
Channel hopping
The golden triangle
Have no regrets
An unbreakable high point
Let's get sentimental
Read all you can
Good news bulls and bad news bears
Directors must have a stake
When fewer shares are traded
The pros and cons of penny shares
When swing's the thing
Don't touch these companies
Take advantage of reporting day
How often to trade
Shareholders versus pros and hacks
Don't always trust the news
Can I turn professional?
Tasty targets
Riding the cycle path
Use your eyes
The boon of profit-taking
Hang-ups you need to overcome
Don't be dejected about a falling Footsie
The right time of day
Reading annual reports - the easy way
Data feed
Have I the right to hold you?
Hi ho, hi ho, it's IPO we go
Perks and freebies
Cut them off
You can't beat a beta
The most tip top, top cats?
Don't understand it? Then don't buy
Uncharted waters
Leave value investing to the experts
The sector section
Make it nicer with an ISA
A trade for all seasons
The great chase
Weddings made in heaven - and hell
Train your mind to behave itself
Don't fear your broker
Don't give share tips to your friends
Inconvenient company announcements
The falling pound
Ten reasons to sleep well as shares fall
Make your mates interested
It's not just about profit
A final list of rules and hints never to forget
The oldest lessons of them all
Now all's said and done

Published: 03/08/2015
Edition: 1st
Pages: 176
Formats: paperback - ISBN 9780857194190
ebook - ISBN 9780857194961
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