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Sports Betting to Win

The 10 keys to disciplined and profitable betting

By Steve Ward

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Sports Betting to Win

The 10 keys to disciplined and profitable betting

By Steve Ward

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Thinking, and betting, like the pros

“Most people in sports betting are looking at things the wrong way.”
– Peter Webb, founder of Bet Angel

“Some people only ever seem to want to hit the sexy six, and not take the singles”
– Compton Hellyer, founder of Sporting Index

This is a book that teaches you how to bet on sports with the same discipline and mindset as the professionals.

Lots of books and websites give advice on profitable strategies – and tipsters and systems proliferate. But this is the only guide that helps you make your trades and bank your wins for the long term, avoiding the perennial dangers of overconfidence, irrationality and emotion.

However successful your selections, you are never safe from crippling losses until you know how to bet with the clear head and calm approach of the masters.

The simple fact is that most people betting on sports lose over the long term. Performance errors currently hamper the majority of bettors: they lose their bets because they first lose their heads.The only answer is to think differently. With chapters ranging across motivation, performance analysis, the betting process and going pro, this book is the definitive guide to achieving this:

– Use dozens of exercises to sharpen your thinking and refine your betting processes.
– Share in the exclusive insights of professional sports bettors, who reveal for the first time how they have built successful gambling careers.
– Benefit in every chapter from one-to-one training from the author, a professional sports and trading performance coach.

Sports Betting to Win is your own personal course for establishing a firm psychological foundation for long-term betting success.

About the author

Steve Ward specialises in working with traders, portfolio managers and markets professionals, helping help them to achieve and to sustain high performance by utilising the latest science, research and practice from elite performance, psychology, physiology, neuroscience, and behavioural science.

His clients include some of the world’s top hedge funds, asset managers, commodities trading houses, energy trading firms, utility companies, and proprietary trading groups across the globe.

Prior to starting his work with within the financial sector Steve provided sports psychology coaching to elite athletes and teams in over thirty different sports across the globe, and he has also provided psychological coaching for professional poker players.

Steve is the author of ‘Bulletproof Trader’, ‘Tradermind’, ‘High Performance Trading’ and ‘Sports Betting To Win’, and he has written, and featured in, many articles for leading financial publications.

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Sports Betting to Win ? The 10 keys to disciplined and profitable betting By Steve Ward “Most people in sports betting are looking at things the wrong way.” 
 Peter Webb – founder of Bet Angel 

 “Some people only ever seem to want to hit the sexy six, and not take the singles.” 
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Managing The Emotional Ups and Downs of Betting Gambling Magazine 4th October 2011

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“For those who want a practical guide to the world of sports trading, from one of the profession?s keenest minds, then we recommend Sports Betting to Win – 4 Stars – Love”- Casino Online20th April 2011

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“Sports Betting To Win is a must-have for anyone looking to go beyond betting for fun, and wanting to capitalise on their good knowledge of particular sports, to bet in a professional capacity.”- A Different League4th April 2011

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About the Author
Preface - Bring Discipline and Professionalism to Your Betting

- Why Do People Lose at Betting, and What Can Be Done About it?
- Why is it that so few people are able to win at sports betting over time?
- Are there any commonalities in the 10% that do win?
- Can someone improve their betting performance to become a long-term winner?
- Becoming more successful and profitable
- Core contributors to this book

1. Think Differently
Thinking differently
Mindset - the foundation of success
Key components of the winning betting mindset
Training your brain, changing your mind

2. Bet for Profits, not Excitement
What is your motivation for betting on sport?
What is your betting type?
Uncovering your core betting motivations
Creating inner drive for long-term success

3. Prepare to Win
Know the game
Betting success factors - stacking the odds in your favour
Developing a betting plan
Creating your betting strategy
Specialise to get an edge
Warming up - PREParation

4. Keep Score
The benefits of record keeping and evaluation
Keeping a written record of your bets
Evaluating your betting

5. Make Rational Decisions
Why rational decision-making matters
How do you make a decision?
What stops us from being rational and what can we do about it?
Mental shortcuts - biases
Summary: 10 ways to help you to make more rational decisions

6. Don't Chase Losses
Why do people chase losses?
Are you making matters worse?
How to stop chasing losses

7. Control the Frequency and Size of Your Bets
Controlling the frequency of your betting
The costs of over betting
Control the size of your bets: size matters

8. Manage Your Emotions
How emotions affect your betting results
Understanding how emotions are created
Creating performance-enhancing emotions
Dealing with performance-limiting emotions positively

9. Manage the Ups and the Downs
Sports betting is a rollercoaster
Losing streaks and the downside of sports betting
The winning run and when times are great

10. Focus on Continual Improvement
The path to betting success
Development, learning and performance improvement
Keep raising the bar, and learn and earn more

Extra Time - Going Pro: Sports Betting Full Time
Important considerations
Making the move
Living the life - full-time betting practicalities

Appendix - The OODA Model

Published: 03/03/2011
Edition: 1st
Pages: 218
Formats: paperback - ISBN 9780857190390
ebook - ISBN 9780857191205
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