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Systems Trading for Spread Betting

An end-to-end guide for developing spread betting systems

By Gary Ford

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Systems Trading for Spread Betting

An end-to-end guide for developing spread betting systems

By Gary Ford

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Creating and following a strategy can give a trader the edge they need to be successful in the markets.
– Gary Ford

This is the first book on developing and back-testing systems trading strategies to be used whilst spread betting. The book details the cycle of choosing instruments, designing strategies, back-testing and the real-time trading of those systems and includes many real-life examples.

This book details an end-to-end approach covering all of the aspects required to implement and maintain a trading system. The focus of the text is the independent trader, providing them with the information they need to use readily available tools to develop and trade a professional system.

The book starts by arguing the case for the use of trading systems and spread betting and moves on to look at the details of selecting instruments, choosing the most appropriate spread betting firm and the right trading software and platform.

Ford looks at money & account management and black box systems then describes in detail the processes involved in the development of a strategy, including back-testing and optimisation.

This book is a must-read for anyone looking to develop a systematic approach to their trading and take their spread betting to another level.

About the author

Gary Ford is a successful investor who tired of spending each day following market moves and searched for a way to remove the constant monitoring and emotion from his trading. Over the years Gary has developed several discretionary trading techniques but prefers the simplicity and effectiveness of systems trading. Before becoming immersed in the world of trading, Gary obtained an honours degree in Computer Systems Engineering, the achievement of IET Chartered Engineer and spent over a decade designing, deploying and testing mission-critical IT platforms.


Why use trading systems
Why choose spread betting
How to select trading instruments
Broker/spread betting company selection
Finding the right trading software
Trading platforms
Money & account management
Black box systems
Curve-fitting example
Strategy development - Introduction
Strategy development - Trade entry
Strategy development - Trade exits
Strategy backtesting
Strategy optimisation
Real-time strategy testing & optimisation
Real-time strategy execution
When to stop & when not to interfere

Published: 08/12/2008
Edition: 1st
Pages: 280
Formats: paperback - ISBN 9781905641734
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