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The Book of Scams

How to spot fraudsters and avoid becoming their next victim

By Rodney Hobson

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The Book of Scams

How to spot fraudsters and avoid becoming their next victim

By Rodney Hobson

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These days fraudsters operate on a massive scale that was previously unimaginable. Thousands of people from all walks of life are relieved of billions of pounds each year. No-one knows the full scale of fraud because embarrassed victims often fail to report it.

Despite all the press coverage, people keep falling for old tricks that often re-emerge in new guises. Scammers are ingenious, utterly ruthless and without conscience.

Rodney Hobson, author of the best-selling beginners guide to stock market investing Shares Made Simple, has produced the first definitive guide to scams, categorising the different types, listing tell-tale signs and advising how to spot a fraudster and avoid becoming the next victim. This makes the basic principles behind each type of scam more recognisable and it shows how scams have evolved and re-emerged over time.

Danger lurks for those unwary souls who part only too readily with their hard-earned cash and this book will help you be alert to the risks. It is also meant to entertain, as we learn to grudgingly admire as well as despise the ingenious crooks who lurk in the shadows.

About the author

Rodney Hobson is an experienced financial journalist who has held senior editorial positions with publications in the UK and Asia and is currently Editor of Ipreo, an international financial services group.

Among posts he has held are News Editor for the Business section of The Times, Business Editor of the Singapore Monitor, Deputy Business Editor of the Far Eastern Economic Review, Head of News at Citywire and Editor of Shares magazine. He has also contributed to the Daily Mail, the Independent and Business Franchise Magazine.

Rodney is the author of financial titles Shares Made Simple, now in its second edition (9780857192356), Small Companies, Big Profits (9781905641789), Understanding Company News (9781906659226), How to Build a Share Portfolio (9780857190215) and The Dividend Investor (9780857190963). He also writes the Detective Inspector Paul Amos Lincolnshire Mystery series of book (Dead Money, and Unlikely Graves).

He is registered as a Representative with the Financial Services Authority.

Rodney is married with one daughter.

Media coverage

From MoneyWeek:

Review by Matthew Partridge Almost all of us have been approached by a scammer at some point in our lives – if you’re an active investor, you probably fend off regular calls from such people. But as financial writer Rodney Hobson notes in The Book of Scams, the opportunities for fraud have been magnified by… Read more »

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From The Guardian :

Scamming money out of people is a lucrative business for fraudsters but there are many ways to prevent yourself becoming a victim Fancy a job where you bombard thousands of people in a matter of seconds, and if just one of them bites you net £2,000 or £3,000 pounds a day? That?s half a million… Read more »

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From Choice Magazine:

Best-selling financial author Rodney Hobson has advice for older people to protect themselves from scammers OUR MODERN communications have produced a golden age for scammers. Never before has it been possible to target so many people so quickly, so easily and so cheaply ? and so anonymously. As the hacking of various websites such as… Read more »

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From IG Trading / New.Markets TV:

VIDEO: Financial fraud is unfortunately on the increase. Don?t be greedy, don?t look for huge gains, invest for the long-term and do due dilligence, says Rodney Hobson, author of Book of Scams.

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About the author

Section A. Traditional scams
1. The Ingredients Of A Scam
2. The Kick 'Em When They're Down Scam
3. The Letter From Lagos Scam
4. The Goebbels Scam
5. Pyramid Frauds
6. The Advance Fee Scam
7. The Lottery Scam
8. In Your Face Scams
9. Insurance Scams

Section B. Investment Scams
10. The Risks Of Investing
11. Rumour Scams
12. Tip For Tap Scams
13. Pensions Scams
14. Art Scams
15. The Auction Ring Scam

Section C. Modern Scams
16. How Technology Is Used
17. The Phishing Scam
18. The Vishing Scam
19. Card Machine Scams
20. Online Banking Scams
21. Computer Scams
22. The Identity Theft Scam
23. Company Scams

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Published: 01/02/2016
Edition: 1st
Pages: 214
Formats: paperback - ISBN 9780857194862
ebook - ISBN 9780857195159
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