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The Deals of Warren Buffett

Volume 1, The first $100m

By Glen Arnold

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The Deals of Warren Buffett

Volume 1, The first $100m

By Glen Arnold

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It took the world’s greatest investor, Warren Buffett, nearly four decades to make his first $100m. The Deals of Warren Buffett – Volume 1 charts the series of investments that made up that journey.

In revealing detail, and with a lucid descriptive style, experienced author and investor Glen Arnold explains Buffett’s thinking behind these investment deals and shows how his cumulative returns compounded his wealth over time.

In this formative period, from 1941-78, Buffett developed and honed the investment philosophy that would lead him to become so successful as his career progressed. But it was not all plain sailing – Buffett made mistakes along the way – and Arnold shows how Buffett learned through success and failure how to select companies worth backing. Arnold also includes insightful ‘learning points’ at the end of each chapter, which reveal how investors can learn from the craft of Warren Buffett to improve their own investing.

Investments featured in this first volume include: GEICO, American Express, Disney, Berkshire Hathaway, See’s Candies, and The Washington Post.

With stories and analysis drawn from decades of investing experience, join Glen Arnold and delve deeper in The Deals of Warren Buffett!

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About the author

Despite holding positions of Professor of Investment and Professor of Corporate Finance, Glen Arnold concluded that academic life was not nearly as much fun (nor as intellectually stimulating) as making money in the markets. As a wealthy investor in his fifties, he now spends most of his time running his equity portfolio from an office in the heart of rural Leicestershire, far from the noise of the City of London.

His main research focus explores the question, 'What works in investment?', drawing on the ideas of the great investors, academic discoveries and corporate strategic analysis - see While he used to teach on this subject in the City, he would now rather concentrate on actual investment analysis, but does explain his investment choices and discusses investment ideas at

He is the author of the UK's bestselling investment book and bestselling corporate finance textbook.


Buffett followers will welcome this addition to the already huge Buffett bibliography. Arnold s book will be even more illuminating to investors who are in search of an overarching rationale for their investing decisions.

Brenda Jubin, ValueWalk

While scores of books have been written about Warren Buffett, Prof. Arnold has created a work from which anyone interested in Saga of Omaha – and investing in general – can learn something new. The author provides great insights into the thinking behind each major deal, how Buffett crafted his own investment style and how numerous colleagues and friends helped him along the way. For any investor keen to learn how to repeat Buffett’s success this is a must read.

Richard Gill, CFA, Master Investor magazine

It’s a fabulous book if you really want to learn and see the thinking of Mr Buffett …. go get it right now.

Moe Ansari, MarketWatch

Great lessons for life, as well as investment.

John Chatfeild-Roberts, Jupiter Fund Management

Useful history and lucid investment analysis.

Lawrence A. Cunningham, Editor, The Essays of Warren Buffett

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From Guru Focus:

According to Glen Arnold’s book, “The Deals of Warren Buffett, Volume 1: The First $100M,” before deciding to distribute the inventory, the company had approached the Graham–Newman Corporation to see if they wanted to make an offer for the business. They couldn’t agree over price. Instead, Rockwood turned to “another able investor,” Jay Pritzker, who… Read more »

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From Markets Insider:

Warren Buffett famously consumes five cans of Coke a day. However, he drank Pepsi for nearly 50 years, and only switched sodas because an old neighbor intervened, Glen Arnold wrote in “The Deals of Warren Buffett Volume 2: The Making of a Billionaire.”

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From Market Watch:

Glen Arnold is an investor and the author of “The Deals of Warren Buffett Vol 1: The First $100 Million.”

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From Market Watch:

…. He let emotion influence an investment decision … He underestimated customer loyalty … He relied too much on quantitative criteria … He moved too slowly to cut his losses. Reader the full article here:

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From Family Capital:

A new book looks at the early days of Buffett’s extraordinary investment career and provides a useful guide for investors like family offices looking to build a lucrative -and satisfying – portfolio of investments …he book also has a foreword by the academic Lawrence Cunningham, arguably the greatest expert on Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway…. …… Read more »

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From MoneyWeek:

Book of the week: Analysing Buffett’s deals The real strength of the book is the way vital information for each deal is systematically laid out, including the dates and returns. Arnold carefully explains what happened, concluding with some key lessons that investors can take away from each deal. Most of these are positive, but Arnold… Read more »

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From Informed Choice Radio:

Did you know it took the world’s greatest investor, Warren Buffett, nearly four decades to make his first $100m? My guest on the podcast today is Glen Arnold, author of The Deals of Warren Buffett. Despite holding positions of Professor of Investment and Professor of Corporate Finance, Glen concluded that academic life was not nearly… Read more »

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From Bloomberg Radio:

Bloomberg Daybreak host, Markus Karlsson said, “I really enjoyed the book.”

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From Bloomberg:

(Bloomberg) — The principles which Warren Buffett adheres to remain sound and continue to defend his position as the enigmatic success story on Wall Street, says Glen Arnold, Author of “The Deals of Warren Buffet”. He told Daybreak Europe’s Markus Karlsson that the investors biggest failure was the purchase of Berkshire Hathaway compared to his… Read more »

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Foreword by Lawrence Cunningham

Part 1. Setting the Scene The Warren Buffett Story

Part 2. Investment Deals
Investment 1 – Cities Services
Investment 2 – GEICO
Investments 3 and 4 – Cleveland Worsted Mills and a Gas Station
Investment 5 – Rockwood & Co.
Investment 6 – Sanborn Maps
Investment 7 – Dempster Mill
Investment 8 – American Express
Investment 9 – Disney
Investment 10 – Berkshire Hathaway
Investment 11 – National Indemnity Insurance
Investment 12 – Hochschild-Kohn
Investment 13 – Associated Cotton Shops
Investment 14 – Investing in Relationships
Investment 15 – Illinois National Bank and Trust
Investment 16 – Omaha Sun Newspapers
Investment 17 – More Insurance
Investment 18 – Buffett's Investment In Sanity
Investment 19 – Blue Chip Stamps
Investment 20 – See's Candies
Investment 21 – Washington Post
Investment 22 – Wesco Financial
Consolidation – Everything into Berkshire Hathaway


Published: 06/11/2017
Edition: 1st
Pages: 248
Formats: hardback - ISBN 9780857196033
ebook - ISBN 9780857196040
audio - ISBN 0000000000018
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