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The Emerging Markets Handbook

An analysis of the investment potential in 18 key emerging market economies

By Pran Tiku

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The Emerging Markets Handbook

An analysis of the investment potential in 18 key emerging market economies

By Pran Tiku

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Tomorrow’s booming economies are today’s emerging markets. Overlooked by most investors, these markets offer serious opportunities for those prepared to move ahead of the crowd and take their investing off the beaten path.

If you’re an investor unafraid of the unfamiliar and looking to carve out extraordinary opportunities in new markets, this book should be your starting point.

THE EMERGING MARKETS HANDBOOK provides investors with a highly detailed examination of 18 countries that could host the stock market stars of the future – from Chile and China to Thailand and Turkey.

At its heart is an analysis of the 18 economies’ strength and potential for growth. This assessment is based on the ten crucial drivers of growth, including demographics, business conditions, capital markets and more. Following exhaustive research into the numbers behind each of these drivers, Pran Tiku is able to draw on a wealth of data from respected sources to form conclusions about the current position and future prospects of each market. He illustrates this data with explanatory charts and tables, allowing readers to trace recent trends and compare this to where the countries stand now.

Providing a groundbreaking ranking of all emerging markets, the author goes on to sort them into standouts, in-betweeners and strugglers. This means you can truly see which markets offer the most commanding opportunities, which have room for development and which currently present a poorer investment case.

Finally, the HANDBOOK concludes with a look at investment vehicles that can be used to access emerging market investments and a survey of the industries and companies that are likely to be the primary players within these 18 economies in the future.

THE EMERGING MARKETS HANDBOOK is your indispensable guide to finding the future’s hottest markets. No investor can afford to be left behind.

About the author

Pran Tiku is the principal and founder of financial planning firm Peak Financial Management, Inc., based in Waltham, Massachusetts which manage about $300 million in assets for high net worth and institutional clients.

Tiku has also served as program chairman for the Boston Society for the Institute of Financial Planners and Vice President of the Boston Chapter for the International Association for Financial Planning. In 1991, he was admitted to the registry of Financial Planning Practitioners.

Tiku has published several articles about investment and money management in national magazines and industry publications including Forbes, Wealth Magazine and Investment Advisor. For five years, he penned the highly popular "Money Makeover" column for The Boston Globe. His success as a financial planner and investment manager led to regular appearances as a commentator on CNNfn's "Your Money Show". Tiku has also been featured on CNBC, CNN, New England Cable News (NECN), Bloomberg TV, and radio stations WBNW, WBIX, and WTKK.

Pran Tiku is a graduate of the University of Missouri and contributes to his alma mater through seminars and classes in topics related to the field of investment and financial management. He has taught financial planning courses as well as conducted seminars on financial and investment topics.


About the Author

Part I: Development of Emerging Markets
1. What is an Emerging Market?
2. Reasons to Invest in Emerging Markets
3. Ten Drivers of Growth in Emerging Markets

Part II: The Emerging Markets

China Region
4. China
5. South Korea
6. India
7. Thailand
8. Malaysia
9. Indonesia
10. Philippines

11. Russia
12. Czech Republic
13. Hungary
14. Turkey
15. Poland

16. South Africa

North and South America
17. Mexico
18. Brazil
19. Colombia
20. Peru
21. Chile

Part III: Comparisons and Sorting
22. Ranking the 18 Emerging Markets

Part IV: Investing in Emerging Markets
23. Investment Vehicles
24. The Companies and Industries of the Future


Published: 21/04/2014
Edition: 1st
Pages: 478
Formats: hardback - ISBN 9780857192981
ebook - ISBN 9780857194145
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