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The Naked Trader

How anyone can make money trading shares

By Robbie Burns

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The Naked Trader

How anyone can make money trading shares

By Robbie Burns

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Ever thought about investing in shares but got frustrated by all the gobbledygook? Bored by all the jargon? Then The Naked Trader is for you! This is the book on stock market investing that you can actually enjoy, written in plain English, packed with real-life trading examples and full of candid advice that you just can’t get anywhere else.

In this completely updated and expanded new edition, Robbie Burns (aka the Naked Trader) gives you the lowdown on what you need to make money from today’s markets without having to sit at a screen all day or swallow a financial dictionary. Even better, he shows you how to do it all tax-free!

The first four editions of The Naked Trader flew off the shelves as glowing reviews mounted up. This brand-new edition contains even more of what made it so popular. There are more exclusive tips and ideas, more winning trades shown from start to finish, and more real-life trader tales of triumph and disaster. Not to mention tons of proven strategies that you can use to make money in the markets and a breakdown of some of the trades that have helped Robbie make more than £3 million tax-free.

In between cups of tea, rounds of toast and watching Four in a Bed, Robbie tells you all you need to know to become a successful trader: from how to find good shares in the first place, to the best times to buy and sell, as well as how to make sure you have the right mindset for long-term success. You can also find out how Robbie has made money during market meltdowns – and what his biggest mistakes have been, so that you can avoid them.

If you’re a complete beginner, The Naked Trader is the best place to start. But it’s also absolutely perfect if you’re already trading and want to learn some new, common-sense trading ideas that really work.

So whether you just want to make a few quid on the side while you’re at work, or want to go on to make money from the markets full time and quit work like Robbie, The Naked Trader is everything you’ve been looking for.
Grab some tea and toast and start trading the naked way!

About the author

Robbie Burns has been a journalist and writer since he graduated in journalism from Harlow College in 1981. After starting life as a reporter and editor for various local newspapers, from 1988–1992 he was editor of ITV and Channel 4’s teletext services. He also wrote ITV’s daily teletext soap opera, ‘Park Avenue’, for five years.

He then went on to freelance for various newspapers, including the Independent and the Sun, and helped set up a financial news service for CNN. In 1997, he became editor of BSkyB’s teletext services and set up their shares and finance service. While there he also set up various entertainment phone lines, including a Buffy the Vampire Slayer phone line that made him nearly £250,000.

He left full-time work in 2001 to trade as well as run a café in London, which he later sold – doubling his money on the initial purchase. While at BSkyB, Robbie broadcast a diary of his share trades, which became hugely popular. He transferred the diary to his website,, which became one of the most-read financial websites in the UK. Between 2002 and 2005 he wrote a column for the Sunday Times, ‘My DIY Pension’, featuring share buys and sells made for his pension fund which he runs himself in a SIPP. He managed to double the money in his pension fund from £40,000 to £80,000 in under three years, as chronicled in these articles. By mid-2014 he had turned it into £350,000. Robbie now writes a weekly column for ADVFN and runs seminars using live markets to show how he trades.

Robbie has made a tax-free gain of well over £2.5 million from trading shares since 2001, becoming one of the UK’s few ISA millionaires and achieving a profit every year, even during market downturns. His public trades alone – detailed on his website – have made more than £1.5m.

He owns a house in Barnes where he lives with his wife, Elizabeth, and son Christopher. He also owns a riverside apartment on the Thames, where he sometimes works. But actually, he mainly plays pinball and table football there. His hobbies include chess, running, swimming, watching Fulham FC lose most home games, listening to terrible dance music, and trading shares from his bedroom, erm… naked. After all, he wouldn’t be seen dead in a thong… (you might catch him in Speedos at the local pool).


“While this is the perfect introduction to trading for the newbie, there is a lot of information that will appeal to more sophisticated investors, including how to read charts, set stop losses, and do spread betting to hedge against long positions by shorting.”

The Motley Fool

Media coverage

From The Motley Fool:

A former ITV and Teletext journalist with a simple philosophy and a great turn of phrase, Robbie Burns made a ton of capital from a couple of canny money-spinners that allowed him to quit his job, escape the rat race, and go into trading full time. Most traders will show you their wins but gloss… Read more »

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From Master Investor:

The Naked Trader (5th Edition) is just under 400 pages long and is packed full of jargon-free information and practical advice. This is no “get rich quick” book however, with the emphasis on building wealth slowly and steadily over the long term. Burns’ wit and humour oozes out of the book, with a number of… Read more »

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About the Author

Part One: Getting Started
1. Escaping the Rat Race
2. A Day in the Life of a Trader
3. Is Trading Right for You?
4. The Trader's Toolkit
5. What You Need to Know About Shares

Part Two: It's All in the Mind
6. Why People Lose at Trading
7. The Biggest Mistake - and the Most Important Lesson
Part Three: Warning!

8. The Market Can See You Coming
9. Bulletin Boards and Online Discussion

Part Four: Getting Down to it
10. How Do I Find Shares Worth Looking At?
11. How I Research Shares
12. Planning Trades
13. Winning Strategies
14. Building a Portfolio - Gently
15. Trading Times of the Year
16. New Issues
17. Events - Brexit, Politics and Economics
18. Trading Mistakes
19. Trading Disasters

Part Five: The Next Level
20. Spread Betting
21. Other Stuff You Can Trade
22. Shorting
23. When Markets Go Down
24. Market Timing: Level 2 and DMA
25. Charts and How I Use Them
26. Buybacks, AGMs and Perks
27. Your Pension

Part Six: Stories and Rules for the Road
28. Trader Tales
29. The Naked Trader Rules
30. Trading FAQs and Blog Highlights
31. Finally...
The Naked Trader Quiz

Published: 16/09/2019
Edition: 5th
Pages: 408
Formats: paperback - ISBN 9780857197818
ebook - ISBN 9780857197825
audio - ISBN 0000000000023
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