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The Professional Risk Manager Exam Handbook

Exam 1

By Jaffar Mohammed Ahmed

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The Professional Risk Manager Exam Handbook

Exam 1

By Jaffar Mohammed Ahmed

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Risk management is no longer merely a passive cost-center in financial and non-financial organizations. Regulators, shareholders, executive management and investors look to risk managers for advice on risk budgeting. Since the financial crisis erupted in 2007, risk managers are expected more than before to make a thorough internal assessment of their organization’s risk management frameworks and advise the board of directors and investors on their findings.

Through its Professional Risk Manager (PRM) examination and qualification, the Professional Risk Managers’ International Association (PRMIA) offers an outstanding tool of education for risk managers at all institutions.

To be awarded the PRM designation, candidates must successfully pass four exams. The Professional Risk Manager (PRM) Exam Handbook – Exam 1 covers the Learning Outcome Statements (LOS) issued by PRMIA for Exam 1. The topics dealt with in this exam are: finance theory, financial instruments and financial markets.

Due to the limited number of study manuals available for the PRM exams, candidates have previously had to rely on a wide range of resources on finance and financial instruments to learn the information they need. This approach is time-consuming and does not leave the candidate feeling confident about their readiness for the exams. The Professional Risk Manager (PRM) Exam Handbook is designed to address this problem and help PRM candidates prepare for the the PRM exams. The intention is to remove the need to refer to many different reference works and to make the obscure concepts comprehensible.

The Handbook has been designed to cover everything you will need to know for PRM Exam 1. Information is presented in a clear, organized way, and demand very little previous knowledge of risk and finance. PRM candidates coming from a non-financial background should face no difficulty using this book as a reference to the intricacies of financial markets and risk management.

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1. Interest Rate and time value
2. Corporate Finance Utility
3. Portfolio Mathematics
4. Term Structure of Interest Rates
5. Bonds markets and contracts
6. Options markets and contracts
7. Forward markets and contracts
8. Futures Markets and contracts
9. Swaps markets and contracts
10. Credit Derivatives
11. Structure of Financial Markets
12. Stock Markets
13. Money Markets
14. Foreign Exchange Markets
15. Commodities Markets
16. Energy Markets


Published: 01/06/2015
Edition: 1st
Pages: 300
Formats: paperback - ISBN 9780857193445
ebook - ISBN 9780857194794
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