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The Reputation Playbook

A winning formula to help CEOs protect corporate reputation in the digital economy

By Jennifer Janson

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The Reputation Playbook

A winning formula to help CEOs protect corporate reputation in the digital economy

By Jennifer Janson

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Why do some companies have a seemingly flawless reputation while others constantly fight a losing battle?

Maybe you’ve always kept social media at arm’s length, but the thought of a crisis unfolding online keeps you awake at night. Or you are aware you should be giving clearer direction to your team in the area of reputation building, but aren’t sure what to demand or what questions to ask. If so, then The Reputation Playbook is for you.

The fundamental principles of reputation-building haven’t changed for decades, but the advent of social media means transparency around how a business acts has. News, good or bad, now travels at internet speed, so to protect and enhance its reputation a business needs to be prepared to respond in real time, whether to customer interaction, news stories or operational errors. And as the leader of your business, the reputation buck stops with you. Your team expects, and needs, you to take the lead.

You don’t need to know the how when it comes to using social media, but you do need to know why it is critical that it’s on your radar. So you won’t find instructions on how to use the various social media platforms in The Reputation Playbook. You will find a lively and insightful examination of how social media affects corporate reputation-building, filled with practical advice and punctuated with real-life examples from the companies that are doing it right – and those that have got it wrong.

Jennifer Janson has gathered data and thoughts from the world’s leading thinkers on corporate reputation and also provides a framework for evaluating and mitigating your business’ reputational risks. Most important, the Playbook tells you what questions to ask of those around you to ensure your business is building a strong reputation, and minimising the risk of reputational damage, long before a crisis arises.

It is time to think about how your business reputation is affected by social media. All you need to get you started is The Reputation Playbook.

About the author

A Canadian who cut her communications teeth at one of the USA’s biggest agencies, Jennifer Janson now owns and runs UK-based Six Degrees, a specialist reputation management agency serving the science, engineering and technology fields.

She is a strategic communicator who has worked for the likes of ABB, Ericsson, Fidelity Growth Partners Europe Lexmark, Nexans, Skype and Vodafone over her 18-year career. Jennifer is passionate about all aspects of corporate reputation and has seen time and again the damage that can be done when the true value of reputation is ignored.

Alongside running her business, Jennifer regularly gives guest lectures on reputation-related topics at University College London, Henley Business School and Buckinghamshire New University, as well at numerous events. She is a member of the UK’s Business Superbrands Council 2015. In addition, Jennifer is a member of the EMEA board of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization. She is an advisory board member for sustainability consulting start-up Vertigo Ventures and a mentor at start-up incubator Seedcamp.

Having spent her formative childhood years in the country, Jennifer is a trustee of a South African charity called Afrika Tikkun, keeping her South African roots close to her heart.

A mother to three children, she is still searching for that elusive work-life balance!


“…Janson spoils us: alongside her thorough investigation into modern reputation management, she takes care to offer proper, actionable advice for CEOs. The Reputation Playbook is an energetic, cliche-resistant guide to the issues of reputation management that harm Fortune 500 companies and startups alike. Given the depth and volume of her research, it doesn’t hurt that it’s also an easy and enjoyable read. The author offers workable solutions to bone-deep PR problems, and invites both the aspiring entrepreneur and the battle-hardened CEO to ask vital questions of themselves…Towards the beginning of the Playbook, the author promises to encourage you to think differently about your reputation and by the end of it, you will.”

Heather Baker, B2B PR blog

“This book is a must-read for any business leader looking to not only protect, but grow your corporate reputation in the digital world.”

— Gary Lubner, CEO of Belron

“‘The Reputation Playbook lays the foundation for a a new strategy for looking at reputation management in this era of [. . .] social media.”

— Charles Franklin, Small Biz Trends

“With as much as 30 per cent of company value tied up in reputation, it’s far too important to be left to comms. Janson is clear that companies need a reputation-aware culture where every stakeholder knows “what you stand for and what your behaviours are” and is admirably clear on how to get there, how to measure it and how to fight a reputational crisis. This is a rich and rewarding book, and when even Ryanair wants to change its public face, it could hardly be more timely.”

— People Management

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From Queen's University, Ontario:

The Reputation Playbook: a winning formula to help CEOs protect corporate reputation in the digital economy Jennifer Janson While the fundamental principles of building a reputation haven?t changed for decades, the rise of social media has had an impact the way businesses do that. In The Reputation Playbook (Harriman House, 2014, 238 pages, $34.99) Jennifer… Read more »

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From The Globe and Mail:

Nothing is more vital to your company than its reputation, and this might be the year to confront that issue directly, forming a reputation steering committee. Such committees are promoted by Jennifer Janson, a Toronto native and managing director of Six Degrees Ltd., a consultancy in Reading, England. You may agree with the importance of… Read more »

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From Director Magazine:

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From The Sunday Times:

In banking and in insurance, risk management is primarily a financial process for measuring (and hopefully managing) exposure. To the manager of a nuclear power plant, risk management is all about avoiding physical disaster. Only you can identify where the most fundamental risks to your reputation lie. Since reputational risk is, in effect, controlled by… Read more »

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Businesswoman Jennifer Janson has set a framework for business leaders who want to take control of their corporate reputation in her new book, The Reputation Playbook. A company’s reputation is under constant threat with the dramatic rise of social media, but one PR woman believes she has come up with a winning formula to help… Read more »

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About the author

Section One: The Rise Of Corporate Reputation
Chapter 1: Redefining Corporate Reputation
Chapter 2: Reputational Risk and Opportunity
Chapter 3: Establishing Reputation as a Serious Business Issue Starts With You

Section Two: Hardwiring Core Values Into Business DNA
Chapter 4: Getting to the Core
Chapter 5: Driving a Reputation-Aware Culture
Chapter 6: Are You Being Experienced?
Chapter 7: Youth does not Equal Knowledge
Chapter 8: Behaviour (not PR) Drives Reputation

Section Three: Building A Reputation Strategy
Chapter 9: Putting a Reputation Strategy in Place
Chapter 10: Who Are You? Identifying Your Company Personality
Chapter 11: Understanding Your Audiences
Chapter 12: Crafting Consistent, Passionate Messaging
Chapter 13: Handling a Crisis â?? Expect Disasters
Chapter 14: Building Communities of Interest
Chapter 15: Communicating Via Social Media

Section Four: Getting The Most From Your Spend On Reputation
Chapter 15: Measuring Your Reputation
Chapter 16. Reputation and the Bottom Line


Published: 06/10/2014
Edition: 1st
Pages: 224
Formats: paperback - ISBN 9780857193551
ebook - ISBN 9780857194404
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