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The Ruff Guide to Trading

Make money in the markets

By Steve Ruffley

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The Ruff Guide to Trading

Make money in the markets

By Steve Ruffley

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If it’s trading, then Steve Ruffley has seen it and done it!

Steve Ruffley has been involved in the finance industry for 15 years and is currently chief market strategist and head of education at InterTrader. In his Ruff Guide to Trading, he shows you the markets through his eyes. He reveals how he sees trading as a whole, how he assesses and exploits trading opportunities, and how he thinks about risk. He also describes three of his winning strategies.

The focus of the Ruff Guide is intraday trading; everything covered relates to finding and making money from short-term trading opportunities that arise as part of everyday market moves.

At the heart of Steve Ruffley’s approach is a very simple 80-20 rule for understanding market movement. This is that market moves are 80% technical and 20% fundamental. He explains the fundamental and technical aspects you need to use to get the right balance in your market analysis and shows how to put these into practice with examples from real-life market action.

Steve also explains why success at trading first requires you to understand yourself and your fellow traders, and provides guidance to help you gain this understanding.

The Ruff Guide is the result of Steve Ruffley’s thousands of hours of trading, charting and teaching experience. Pick it up to follow the simple and accessible guidance of someone who has seen and done it all before.

About the author

Steve Ruffley has been involved in the finance industry for 15 years. "If it's trading, then I've done it," is one of his favourite sayings.

Steve's career began placing investments for high net worth clients at PricewaterhouseCoopers. He was quickly hooked on the financial markets. After moving to Gibraltar, he joined the Marex trading graduate scheme.

Later, Steve took the opportunity to risk manage some of the best traders in the business at Refco. This was a high-pressure environment where he had to simultaneously monitor all the major markets and up to 40 trading accounts at a time. At one point in the risk room there were 28 screens for two people.

He then went on to run the live floor at Schneider, where there were around 144 traders. This was at the height of the prop trading boom. Over this period Steve had unparalleled access to the thoughts and strategies of some of the best traders around. He saw some common traits of success and also, more importantly, failure. Putting all this knowledge to use, Steve's next move was to start trading from home. Then, after a few years of lonely but successful trading, he decided that there was more to life.

He decided to turn his hand to education and teamed up with InterTrader ( to become their chief market strategist and head of education. "Those who can, do; those who can't teach," the saying goes. Steve decided to prove he could do both, in real time with real money.

Since 2010, Steve has presented nearly 1000 webinars on all aspects of trading and he has traded at over 150 live events, demonstrating how to make money in real market situations. To prove his teaching worked and in preparation for 'The Ruff Guide To Trading', he publicly traded a £5k trading account to £11k in 90 days.

Media coverage

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About the Author

Part 1. Theory and Understanding
Chapter 1. Trading FAQs
Chapter 2. Understanding people and yourself
Chapter 3. My 80/20 rule
Chapter 4. My 80/20 rule - overview of 20% fundamental
Chapter 5. My 80/20 rule - overview of 80% technical
Chapter 6. The Trading Plan
Chapter 7. The Ruff Guide to Risk

Part II. Practical Strategies
Chapter 8. Reversals and Breakouts
Chapter 9. Identifying overextended markets and trading the key 50%
Chapter 10. Gaps

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Published: 30/09/2015
Edition: 1st
Pages: 146
Formats: paperback - ISBN 9780857194008
ebook - ISBN 9780857194985
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