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The Sterling Bonds and Fixed Income Handbook

A practical guide for investors and advisers

By Mark Glowrey

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The Sterling Bonds and Fixed Income Handbook

A practical guide for investors and advisers

By Mark Glowrey

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The Sterling Bonds and Fixed Income Handbook aims to fill the knowledge gap for sterling-base investors and their advisors. Whilst investors in the equity markets can rely on numerous resources to select stocks and build portfolios, there is little information available for those who wish to buy bonds. This book takes the reader through the key features of gilts and sterling corporate bonds and offers a practical guide to putting money to work in this important and profitable asset class.

About the author

Mark Glowrey is Head of Retail Bond Sales at Canaccord Genuity. Prior to this, he spent over a decade as a director of Stockcube Research Limited, a leading independent analysis company. Mark has over twenty-five years' experience of trading securities and advising institutional customers, starting his career as a dealer on the floor of the London Stock Exchange in the early 1980s before moving on to specialise in fixed income securities and treasury products. In 2005, he launched Fixed Income Investor (, a resource for private investors in the sterling fixed income market. Mark has also contributed to many well-known investment websites and publications over the years including the Investors Chronicle.

In his spare time, he can generally be found on the water, up a hill or occasionally under a paraglider.


“Mark Glowrey has a deep and extensive understanding of bond markets and a rare talent for spotting the application of markets to the best advantage of private investors. More importantly, his clear and enjoyable manner has earned a broad following in the press and online.”

Michael Dyson, Head of Fixed Income, Pricing & Trading, Evolution Securities Ltd

“A useful reference book for investors who need well-written, simple explanations of the basic concepts surrounding bonds in the sterling market. I carried this book around with me for a couple of weeks, and found myself referring to it on a number of occasions to explain concepts in layman’s terms.”

FT Adviser

“A great guide to the bond markets”

– Money Week

“The only comprehensive and readable guide to bond investing…for anyone with even a remote curiosity about how bonds work and how to trade them, the tone is pitch perfect for both the average investor and the sophisticated trader”

– Julian Hofmann, Investors Chronicle

“I cannot think of a bond expert more trusted or more in tune with the needs of private and professional investors than Mark Glowrey. I’m convinced that readers of this guide will build better portfolios.”

– Dr Stephen Barber

“Mark Glowrey is a go-to guy for information about UK bonds. His writing is invariably clear, to the point and well judged. “

– Jonathan Davis, Columnist, FT and Spectator

“Few people have done more to demystify the subject of bond investing for the benefit of the ordinary investor.”

– Jonathan Eley, Editor, Investors Chronicle

Media coverage

From FT Adviser :

As I worked my way through the first couple of chapters of this book, my first impression was that it felt like an extended PowerPoint presentation ? that is to say, fairly dry and replete with bullet points. But it is no simple task to make the basics of bonds interesting. And as Mr Glowrey… Read more »

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From MoneyWeek:

The global market for bonds is far larger than that for stocks. And with central bankers so deeply entrenched in bond markets through quantitative easing (QE), it has perhaps never been more important to understand what?s going on in the market. The trouble is many people, including many investment professionals, who are very comfortable with… Read more »

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From Investors Chronicle:

Such is the generally obscure status of bonds, and fixed income generally within the UK, that obtaining any kind of basic information aimed at retail investors about such an important asset class in the world market is almost absurdly difficult. Until now, that is, with the publication of former-Investors Chronicle columnist Mark Glowrey’s snappily titled… Read more »

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About the Author
Foreword by Dr Stephen Barber

PART I - The Basics
1. What's a bond? Some key concepts
2. Why buy bonds? The risks and rewards of investing in bonds
3. The players in the bond markets
4. The life cycle of a bond
5. What happens if interest rates move?
6. Credit quality and ratings

PART II - Bond Markets
7. Gilts
8. Index-linked gilts
9. Domestic and Eurosterling corporate bonds
10. Zeros, FRNs, convertibles and others
11. Other types of bonds
12. Overseas and foreign currency bonds
13. A walk on the wild side - distressed and illiquid debt
14. Bond funds

PART III - Practical Matters
15. Dealing, custody and other mechanics
16. Building a bond portfolio
17. Trading the fixed income markets
18. Trading with technical analysis
19. Tax

The Six Golden Rules of Bond Investing

1. Sample bond prospectus and notes
2. Bond maths
3. Resources for investors
4. Brokers
5. RPI/CPI table
6. Gilt Edged Market Makers
7. GBP corporate bond prices and yields
8. Glossary


Published: 28/02/2013
Edition: 1st
Pages: 356
Formats: paperback - ISBN 9780857190420
ebook - ISBN 9780857193100
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