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The Ultimate ETF Guidebook

A Comprehensive Guide to the World of Exchange-Traded Funds - Including the Latest Innovations and Ideas for ETF Portfolios

By David Stevenson and David Tuckwell

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The Ultimate ETF Guidebook

A Comprehensive Guide to the World of Exchange-Traded Funds - Including the Latest Innovations and Ideas for ETF Portfolios

By David Stevenson and David Tuckwell

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Exchange Traded Funds have revolutionised investing. Thanks to ETFs, investors now have the world at their fingertips and can invest in everything, from commodities to countries to currencies. But are investors using these funds effectively? And where do ETFs go from here?

This books starts with an overview of the current wonderful world of ETFs, including an analysis of how the industry is changing for both providers and investors.

Then, in a series of essays, it covers recent key developments, including: smart beta ETFs, which are preaching the gospel of factor investing, fixed income ETFs, which are making bond markets available to everyone, environmental and social governance funds, which try to humanise investing, and robo-advisors, which use ETFs to automate portfolio construction.

These developments are put into context, showing why ETF sponsors are changing the rules of the game and how the many and varied investors that use ETFs are taking to them.

In the final section, the book offers a series of model ETF portfolios, showing how investors can use ETFs to build effective portfolios. The book concludes with the Top101 – a subjective selection of the top ETFs across all asset classes that investors should consider when building an ETF portfolio.

About the author

David Stevenson is a columnist at the Financial Times and one of Europe’s most influential investment writers. An author of several books, he is a consultant to the ETF industry and a long-time champion of passive investing. A lover of all animals, he is the proud owner of 4 horses, 2 dogs and 3 chickens.

About the author

David Tuckwell is the editor of ETF Stream. He has years of experience in the ETF industry, and formerly worked for ETF Securities in London (now WisdomTree Investments). In another life, he was one of Australia’s top Tetris players.

Media coverage

From MoneyWeek:

The Ultimate ETF Guidebook: A Comprehensive Guide to the World of Exchange Traded Funds (Harriman House, £35), by our funds columnist David Stevenson (and David Tuckwell), is an invaluable, in-depth guide and includes tips for those unsure about what to buy.

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From MoneyWeek:

The last two decades have seen a dramatic move away from traditional actively managed funds in favour of passive investments, such as exchange-traded funds (ETFs), that can be bought and sold like shares on a stock exchange. This flexibility has won ETFs many fans. MoneyWeek contributor David Stevenson and David Tuckwell are among them. The… Read more »

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From Reading the Markets :

Trust me, there’s a lot about ETFs that you don’t know. David Stevenson, a columnist at the Financial Times, and David Tuckwell, editor of ETF Stream, set out to remedy that situation. The Ultimate ETF Guidebook (Harriman House, 2019), even though in some of its chapters it tilts toward the European and London markets, should… Read more »

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About the authors


A Brief Overview of ETFs


Passive Investing Is Not Taking Over
Passive Funds Won't Destroy Efficient Markets
Passive and Active is Not a Binary Choice
Not All ETFs Track Equity
Investing in Bonds Using ETFs Active ETFs
Novelty ETFs
Smart Beta Perspectives
ESG Investing
Single Company ETPs Get Leverage Roboadvice Comes of Age


Global Equities
Global Emerging Markets
US Equities
European Equities
European Equity Sectors
UK Equities
German Equities
French Equities
Japanese Equities
Chinese Equities
Indian Equities
Latin American Equities
Government Bonds
Corporate Bonds
High Yield Bonds
Emerging Market Bonds
Floating Rate and Inflation Linked securities
Precious Metals
Alternatives – Infrastructure Equities
Alternatives – Global Property
Alternatives – Agriculture
Alternatives - Energy


Minimising Risk
A Tactical Approach to Building an ETF Portfolio
Portfolio Ideas
Model Portfolios


Top 75
The wild card 26


Published: 25/02/2019
Edition: 1st
Formats: hardback - ISBN 9780857197269
ebook - ISBN 9780857197276
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