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The VIX Trader’s Handbook

The history, patterns, and strategies every volatility trader needs to know

By Russell Rhoads

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The VIX Trader’s Handbook

The history, patterns, and strategies every volatility trader needs to know

By Russell Rhoads

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Russell Rhoads is one of America’s leading experts on VIX, the Volatility Index.

In The VIX Trader’s Handbook he takes a deep dive into all things associated with volatility indexes and related trading vehicles.

The handbook begins with an explanation of what VIX is, how it is calculated, and why it behaves the way it does in various market environments. It also explains the various methods of getting exposure to volatility through listed markets.

The focus then moves on to demonstrate how traders take advantage of various scenarios using futures, options, or ETPs linked to the performance of VIX.

Finally, a comprehensive review is presented of volatility events that shook the markets, including the 1987 crash, Great Financial Crisis, 2010 flash crash, and the 2020 pandemic. By understanding how VIX behaved leading up to these market shocks, and reacted afterwards, traders can better equip themselves ahead of future events.

A wide variety of strategies that are implemented in both bearish and bullish equity markets are introduced and covered extensively throughout.

The VIX Trader’s Handbook is essential reading for all those who are intending to trade volatility—from those who wish to gain an understanding of how VIX and the related trading products behave, to those intending to hedge equity exposure or take advantage of the persistent overpricing of option volatility.

You won’t want to trade volatility without it.

About the author

Russell Rhoads is a highly regarded strategist, educator and consultant – among other things he is perhaps best known as the author of Trading VIX Derivatives, the textbook in the space.

Russell spent a decade at CBOE, including a stint as director of education at The Cboe Options Institute. He has a 25-year career, which includes buyside firms such as Balyasny Asset Management, Caldwell & Orkin, and Millennium Management.

In addition to his duties at EQDerivatives, Russell is a clinical professor of finance at Loyola University in Chicago. Russell is currently pursuing a PhD from Oklahoma State University and expects to complete his degree requirements this year.


A well-thought out and organized book on the VIX complex that offers qualitative and quantitative insights for beginners and professionals alike. This latest work as well as his key accomplishments within trading, management, and education throughout the years reinforce Russell as an instrumental asset to the options Industry.

Jon V. Cherry, Global Head of Options, Northern Trust

There’s no one else in the volatility space quite like Russell Rhoads. He has an uncanny ability to translate complex topics and an unerring memory for statistical detail. There’s a reason that we call him The Once and Future Dr. VIX on our network.

Mark S. Longo, Founder, The Options Radio Network, and Host of the Volatility Views radio program

I had the pleasure of working with Russell Rhoads in Cboe’s Options Institute for years. I’ve learned so much about the world of volatility from him and this book is a perfect encapsulation of that knowledge. It’s written in a manner that combines accessibility and breadth. This is imperative for investors interested in the power of volatility and the tradeable tools to manage that omnipresent risk.

Kevin Davitt, Senior Instructor, Cboe Options Institute
Published: 27/10/2020
Pages: 206
Formats: hardback - ISBN 9780857197115
ebook - ISBN 9780857197122
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