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The Way to Trade Better

Transform your trading into a successful business

By John Piper

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The Way to Trade Better

Transform your trading into a successful business

By John Piper

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The long-awaited follow-up to The Way To Trade, John Piper’s seminal work on trading psychology

The Way To Trade is back… and it’s better.

In The Way To Trade Better John Piper returns to the fundamental topic of transforming yourself into a winning trader. Building on more than 30 years of frontline trading experience and over two decades of teaching and coaching, he explains how winning at trading involves turning your trading into a business.

To do this, you follow a five-step process:

1. Focus
2. Style
3. Right Trading
4. Right Size
5. Successful Habits

John Piper guides you through these five stages and delves into essential areas that every winning trader needs to master, including Trading Systems, Money Management, Psychology, Good and Bad Habits, and Trading Professionally. Putting all this together, The Way To Trade Better is a complete guide to improving your trading and achieving better and more consistent profits.

Whether you are brand new to trading or have some experience and now want to move to the next level, let John Piper shows you The Way To Trade… Better.

About the author

John Piper has been involved with markets since his early twenties. In the late 1980s he started to trade options full time and did so right through the Crash of 1987 - an experience that stands him in good stead for the markets today. For over a decade he has been the editor of The Technical Trader, the leading newsletter in the UK for those who trade in futures and options markets worldwide.


“In the book you are about to read, John Piper takes you beyond theory. He provides an essential lesson that most never get.”

– Dr Alexander Elder, author of Trading for a Living

“John Piper’s book is so valuable. It comprehensively covers the territory of objective trading within a highly subjective environment, and it is easy to understand…a potentially life-changing book”

– Tony Plummer, author of Forecasting Financial Markets

“John Piper’s success is based on a combination of a clearly defined strategy, disciplined money management techniques, and the ability to adapt to differing market conditions. This book is essential for investors prepared to look below the surface and profit consistently from market price action.”

– Mike Estrey, Investment Strategist

“Brokers love a trader who is successful over the longer term. John Piper is such a trader and this book explains how and why.”

– Charles de Roeper, Berkeley Futures Limited

Media coverage

From Reading the Markets :

John Piper, the author of The Way to Trade, has written a sequel: The Way to Trade Better: Transform Your Trading into a Successful Business (Harriman House, 2016). The book is most useful for the beginning trader, but there are some ideas that even a more advanced trader could experiment with. The five pillars of… Read more »

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About the Author
Foreword by Tony Plummer

Section 1 - The Five Pillars of Success
1. Focus
2. Right style
3. Right trading
4. Right size
5. Make these winning habits
The Trading Pyramid

Section 2 - Trading Systems
Introducing the trading idea
The Three Simple Rules
Two trading systems
Cutting losses - using stops
Run your profits

Section 3 - Money Management
Purpose of Money Management
How to increase profits and reduce losses
What to do with losses

Section 4 - Your Psychology Techniques
Psychology is a technique
Choose to be a winner
Action starts the learning/earning habit
You need more than just a system
Remember this ...
The manic depressive mode
Structure of the brain
Fiddling with the trade size

Section 5 - Good Habits and Bad Habits
Times have changed ...
... but some things remain the same
The benefits of being in the 5%
19 problems

Section 6 - A Step-By-Step Guide to Trading Professionally
A step-by-step guide to success
The First Three Months - The Learning Process
The Second Three Months - Right Trading
The Third Three Months - Right Size
By The End of the Year - A Winning Habit


Appendix 1: The Xtreme Stop System
Appendix 2: The ZeitGap System
Appendix 3: The Trading Experience, An Emotional Roller Coaster by Les Meehan
Appendix 4: Client Trade
Appendix 5: Guide to John Piper Services

Published: 01/02/2016
Edition: 1st
Pages: 208
Formats: hardback - ISBN 9780857193360
ebook - ISBN 9780857195326
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