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Tune In

How to make smarter decisions in a noisy world

By Nuala Walsh

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Tune In

How to make smarter decisions in a noisy world

By Nuala Walsh

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Despite conventional wisdom, the biggest risk confronting our generation isn’t economic, political or climate risk. It’s decision risk, and the failure to hear who and what really matters.

Your decisions impact others, yet in today’s noisy world of digital distraction, disinformation and data overload we’re more vulnerable than ever to hearing less and less. In the dash to decide, we sacrifice nuance for convenience, misinterpret people and misunderstand situations, accelerating a rush to misjudgement.

The result? A catalogue of human errors, unheard voices and tone-deaf leadership. Tuning out relevant voices degrades decisions, damages reputation and squanders opportunity, amplifying modern activism, rampant polarisation, scandals and scams.

Now that can change.

In Tune In, award-winning Nuala Walsh champions understanding behaviour as an insurance policy against mishearing, misinformation and misjudgement. This timely masterclass stands apart in its original treatment of ‘deaf spots,’ the hidden judgement killers that stop us from hearing what really matters. It not only explains your worst mistakes but equips you to prevent future error and the sting of regret.

Armed with a new science-led PERIMETERS framework and dozens of ‘sonic’ strategies that rely on human intelligence, not artificial intelligence, you’ll discover the 10 traps that bind our reasoning. Each is illustrated by a cast of Wall Street titans, sports legends, serial killers, presidents, astronauts, entrepreneurs, entertainers and exonerees.

By tuning in, you’ll hear what others don’t and secure advantage. You’ll stand out rather than miss out, becoming a more admired and influential Decision Ninja.

Good judgement is at a premium – and your decisions matter. It’s time to Tune In.

About the author

Nuala Walsh is an award-winning business consultant, behavioural scientist, independent non-executive director and ex-CMO.

As MindEquity CEO, she consults with Fortune 500 firms, human rights and sports associations on strategy, reputation, culture and behaviour change.

Recognised among the 100 Most Influential Women in Finance, her 30-year distinguished investments career includes leadership positions at BlackRock, Merrill Lynch and Standard Life Aberdeen where she served as chief marketing officer, architecting the first global Ryder Cup sponsorship deal in its history.

A founding director of the Global Association of Applied Behavioural Scientists, she also serves as president of the Harvard Club of Ireland, and chair of the Innocence Project London. Former vice-chair of UN Women (UK), current appointments include council member at The Football Association, non-executive director at the British & Irish Lions and Basketball Ireland, advisor at World Athletics and the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments.

Reaching millions through a popular TEDx talk about Overcoming Indecision and 100+ articles written for Forbes, Inc and Psychology Today, her insights feature in the Financial Times, BBC World Series, Harvard Business Review and Fox Business.

Nuala is a visiting lecturer on business, criminology, finance and decision science at INSEAD, the London School of Economics, and Harvard Kennedy School. Trained in forensic psychology and holding a degree in philosophy from Trinity College Dublin, she also earned two first-class masters degrees in business studies, and behavioural science.


A sensational book – put down your mobile phone and read this instead.

Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy

The only book on decision-making you’ll ever need.

Dr Dario Krpan, Associate Professor, London School of Economics

A winning template for high performers.

Paul McGinley, Ryder Cup Captain

Thought-provoking – a must read for anyone seeking to enhance their judgment.

Robert Cialdini, New York Times bestselling author of Influence

A rare combination of information and entertainment.

Debbie Hewitt MBE, Chair of The Football Association

The core idea of deaf spots merits a lot more attention… a game-changer that leaves you wanting to do better, and be better.

Lord Sebastian Coe, President World Athletics
Published: 26/03/2024
Pages: 440
Formats: paperback - ISBN 9780857199959
ebook - ISBN 9780857199966
audio - ISBN 0000000000098
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