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She is funny, eloquent and manages as a co-founder the company “Chi Impact Capital”; privately she is the co-founder and president of Braveaurora NGO (founded in 2009): The native Austrian Christin ter Braak-Forstinger has found a way to combine her job in the financial industry with social value creation. The book “Conscious Investing” gives interesting insights.

… “I would say my soul is in this book. I also feel a great sense of gratitude, because in a surprisingly short time, I was able to round up an incredibly motivated and experienced team of co-authors who shared their knowledge as “Conscious Investors” in this book. All in all, the dynamic in the team was so positive that even my agent at the publishing house said that the work on “Conscious Investing” was one of his top three favourite projects. I think that’s because every co-author has truly and passionately shared his personal experiences and is deeply convinced of what he’s doing.

… I am deeply convinced that we can change something for the better. That’s my daily drive. We just have to become more aware of what we do. This also means that we do not hold back from asking for the background and do not blindly believe what we are told. If we all believe that we can reach the 17 sustainable global goals by 2030, then we also can do it. But deeds count more than words…”

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