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A successful retirement is about far more than having enough money

We have a special treat for listeners to our podcast Intelligent Investor this Christmas, because the guest on our latest episode is none other than Larry Swedroe.

Larry is a Principal and Director of Research for Buckingham Strategic Wealth, an independent member of the BAM Alliance, and is best known as a prolific writer of books and articles on investing.

In the interview, Larry talks about his long career and his passion for evidence-based investing. He also discusses his latest book, Your Complete Guide to a Successful and Secure Retirement, which he has co-authored with Kevin Grogan and other colleagues at Buckingham.

Unlike his previous books, which have very much focussed on investing, the new book is much more holistic. Planning for a successful life in retirement, says Larry, is every bit as important as planning to have enough money.

Here are some the things he has to say.

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