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We are all entitled to take a wry look at other successful businesses, and there is often no better way than by latching onto some useful notes.
While the word entrepreneur has always harboured sketchy opinions, some good and some not so good, there is no denying a simple fact that our nation needs to explore its entrepreneurial spirit ? thank the Lord that we still have one ? in order to find an exit to the current financial and political maze.
This clever collection of candid and inspirational letters from almost 100 keen players, including such luminaries as, Innocent, Young Guns and Gavin Smith, creates a 212-page paperback of inestimable value.
Naturally, it all depends on your view but there is a wealth of words of wisdom, witticisms and worthwhile writings that can be flitted through on a whim and none of them is a waste of space. If you really want to feel inspired, see what the winners say and take up the cudgel.
This book is packed with useful hints and tips and might provide the essential nudge to motivate your business or make you seek a fresh opportunity. All in all, a most useful reference.

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