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Book Review ? Becoming THE Expert by John W Hayes

In a knowledge based economy, the internet provides a quasi-level playing field for all of us to develop our skills and experience. The opportunities available for all of us to become experts in our particular fields are limited only by our ability and confidence. But all of this opportunity means that it is possible to follow those who do not understand, but can present themselves well. Those get found out eventually, but only after a lot of time and effort has been expended in the process.

In his book ?Becoming THE Expert?, John Hayes has written a manual that will attempt to help you become a Thought Leader that everyone goes to in the event of a question.

Taking a wholistic view of the whole process, this handy ebook is split into a progressive process starting with asking what a Thought Leader is, through channelling and fine-tuning your output, and ending with the media you can use to broadcast the message that you want to put out.

This is not an industry-specific book, so it can be used to for all businesses in creating a more effective profile for your startup.There are many different ways to creating this message ? from blog posts, to elevator pitches and the ubiquitous press release. The point of this all is to create an effective conversation campaign through your various outlets that provide the same message, and if possible complement each other.

This is a powerful book if used to its full potential, and is something that should be on the Kindle or iPad of all entrepreneurs. Use these techniques and there is a good chance that you will benefit from them.

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