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Book Review ? Contracts for your Business by Charles Boundy

Hidden in the detail of a new business are the deals, the agreements and the contracts. There will be contracts for all sorts of things, such as ensuring you have enough supplies to manufacture your products, or to employ the staff that you?re going to need to make your business work.

It?s difficult for the newbie business owner to get his or her head around the issue of contracts, hence this book ?Contracts for your Business? by Charles Boundy. In his book the author has consolidated a lot of information into 10 (Business) bite-sized chapters in an easy to read format.

This is not to say that the subject has been dumbed down. There is enough detail in this book to give a new business owner, as well as someone who has a little experience, confidence to tackle contracts head on.

It is difficult to demonstrate how much information is written into this book. Suffice to say there is enough to cover such diverse subjects as Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Non-Disclosure Agreements all the way through to Service Agreements, Boilerplate Clauses and Force Majeure. There is even a sub-chapter to discuss what happens if the owner of the business dies during the lifetime of the business.

I found this book to be a decently filled book on all the types of contract that I could think of ? and some more. I can see this ebook being carried around when the reader needs to review or revise their knowledge on contracts. Written by a solicitor, this ebook is destined to become an essential part of the documentation and reading that a business uses to delve into from time to time, at important parts of its life. You will not be disappointed by this book.

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